Get to know…Northwest Gainesville


Northwest Gainesville is known for quiet, scenic, and inviting neighborhoods and a family atmosphere. The boundary starts at 8th Avenue and heads north to 39th Avenue. It extends west from 13th Street all the way to Santa Fe College. It's home to many Santa Fe students, college professors and other local residents, as well as some nice shopping areas.


This large area has a nice variety of homes and condos for sale or to rent. While the area has a good variety of apartments, you will not be able to find the massive student housing communities that are common in other areas of town. The only exception to this is in the immediate vicinity of Santa Fe College.

Northwest Gainesville is very quiet and picturesque – think "suburbia" with more trees (and more centrally located). For example, the east/west Glenn Springs Road is lined with oak trees; NW 16th Avenue runs parallel and features crepe myrtles in the medians.

There's also usually less traffic in this area. On the southern border, 8th Avenue is a popular east/west corridor that has less traffic and stoplights than University Avenue. And both 13th Street and 43rd Street are popular veins for traveling north/south.

Things to Consider

Some parts of this area of town don't get as much bus service as more student and UF-central locations, so a car would be useful. Due to the mostly quiet neighborhood atmosphere, there aren't as many bars or chain stores to choose from. And most of your neighbors would likely be adults or SFC students, as it's more removed from the UF mindset that dominates the areas south of it.

Student Apartments in Northwest Gainesville

Santa Fe College Students

Santa Fe College's main campus is located in Northwest Gainesville. If you're looking for traditional student housing, there are a couple of Gainesville student apartment options in the area with individual leases and roommate matching.

University of Florida Students

Some University of Florida Students choose to live in Northwest Gainesville instead of areas that are more central to UF, because the area is less congested and boasts bus routes that are well connected to the University of Florida's main campus.

How to Get to School

Most people heading to Santa Fe College would likely take a car or bike to school. As for UF students, RTS does serve the area with bus routes that can be more or less convenient, depending where you live. Specifically, the 10 and 43 run through Northwest Gainesville from SFC to UF. Other routes are the 6, 8, 15, 29.

Attractions & Businesses

Northwest Gainesville is filled with plenty of Gainesville nature. This neighborhood offers the Gainesville Community Playhouse right in the middle, plus the walking trails of Alfred A. Ring park in the east and Devil's Millhopper State Park just northwest of the area. Magnolia Parke hosts the Greater Gator Beer Festival, and the SFC Planetarium and Zoo are pretty unique too.

Favorite food spots include the delicious Southern comforts of Adam's Rib Co, the gourmet grocer Fresh Market and the Bagel Bakery in Millhopper Shopping Center. Try the Gainesville classic Las Margaritas for awesome Mexican food or Flying Biscuit for a delicious breakfast. Gator Domino's has two locations in this region: one on NW 39th Ave and another on the SFC campus.

In Northwest Gainesville, you can find everything from large chains like Wal-Mart, Lowe's and Publix to specialty boutiques. Centrally located, Thornebrook Village is home to things like a gourmet bakery, specialty grocery store, chocolatier, salon, jewelry stores and women's boutiques.

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