Get to know…Sorority Row & South


The Sorority Row & South Gainesville neighborhoods start with Sorority Row, between SW 8th Ave and SW 9th Ave, and extends east until you reach downtown. It continues along the southeast corner of campus, encompassing the area south of UF Health along 13th Street all the way past Waldo Road. This up-and-coming area is known for its close proximity to sorority houses, UF Health, and access to multiple bus routes for commuting to campus and around town.


Many who live in this area enjoy the location for the easy access to the University of Florida campus, UF Health Shands Hospital and clinics, or the quiet natural surroundings of Paynes Prairie to the south. Students who live near Sorority Row enjoy an easy walk to campus, and sorority sisters in the area love the quick access to their sorority houses while enjoying UF off-campus apartment living. As you travel farther down 13th street, you'll notice Gainesville feels quieter - but you're still just a 10-20 minute bus ride to campus. 

Since the area is not as crowded as other neighborhoods with rental apartments, residents enjoy less traffic than other parts of Gainesville. The speed limit along US 441 (SW 13th Street) is faster than most other areas of town, and the road provides easy access to the Micanopy I-75 on/off ramps, which do not back up with traffic like the Williston, Archer Road, and Newberry ramps. Less traffic also means quicker bus rides to campus and a less populated area also means less crowded buses!

Things to Consider

Some sections of this neighborhood, particularly the farther you travel down 13th Street, are less developed and more remote. So although they are close geographically to many more populated regions, there isn't the hustle and bustle of other neighboring zones. However, this area provides easy access to Downtown, Midtown, and Archer Road where you'll find tons of stores and restaurants.

There aren't any grocery stores and only a few convenience stores within walking distance in this neighborhood - so most students in the neighborhood have a car for grocery runs and getting around town. Thankfully, most apartments in the area offer free parking for their residents.

Student Apartments in Sorority Row & South

The Sorority Row & South neighborhood encompasses a lot of area, so there are a variety of apartment options in the area. Off-campus housing communities near Sorority Row tend to be more luxurious, and a lot of the communities have been built within the last few years. As you travel down 13th Street, off-campus housing communities offer students quieter living, roomier floor plans, and more affordable rental rates. 

How to Get to School

Getting to school in this region usually can involve either a walk across 13th Street or a short bus ride on 13th Street. Buses that service this area are the 43, 13, 17, and 16. You'll probably ride bus 13 the most, as #13's route route goes down 13th Street to the very last student housing community on the road, and then back up to campus.

Attractions & Businesses

As a local, this area of town is a way to be close to campus and other Gainesville favorites but with a "nature view". Popular destinations in and around this region include:

  • Sweet Water PreserveSweetwater Preserve is adjacent to Paynes Prairie , and offers 3 miles of unpaved trails, served by two separate trail heads, perfect for a hike, walk, or run.
  • Depot Park - Depot Park is the ultimate recreation location near Sorority Row. Rollerblade, run, or walk along the promenade, attend events on the lawn, and enjoy other great community events year-round. Grab a drink and a snack and enjoy open air relaxation in the old depot station.
  • Heartwood Sound Stage - If music is your jam, visit Heartwood Soundstage, a local venue that connects musical artists and audiences. Are you an aspiring performer, check out their audio and video production capability.
  • Cade Museum - The Cade Museum explores STEAM concepts through a multitude of exhibits and hands on activities. Explore emerging technologies and inventions. If you're a student, there are volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities to consider that will help jumpstart a rewarding career.
  • First Magnitude Brewery - This craft brewery is located near Sorority Row and serves up excellent craft beer for those of age. It's become an iconic spot in Gainesville and has become a great place to be an active, social part of the community.
  • Paynes Prairie - Located just down SW 13th, Paynes Prairie provides beautiful vistas of North Florida's natural flora and fauna, as well as walking and biking trails, like the Bivens Arm Nature Park Trail.
  • Lake Wauberg - Lake Wauberg is located in this region and offers students all sorts of fun activities in and around the lake from paddle sports to picnics.

Sorority Row & South has a couple of hidden treasures, such as delicious sushi at Momoyaki and awesome tacos at La Tienda, but this area is not as commercialized as other areas of Gainesville. Lucky for you, the Sorority Row & South Neighborhood is situated between three of the best neighborhoods in Gainesville for shopping, dining, and entertainment - Downtown, Midtown, and Archer Road. You won't want for anything to do living in this area. Whether you're a foodie, love to catch a live show, or like to scour the racks for the latest trends, you'll be able to find an afternoon or evening of activity to keep you busy.

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