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Digital Marketing Assistant

Caroline Webb

Caroline Webb is a Junior Advertising student at the University of Florida. After previously studying journalism, she wanted to use her writing and storytelling skills from this field to enhance her marketing-related career. Caroline also has taken on a minor in Business Administration allowing her to combine her creative and analytical sides in her future goals.

Caroline is involved with a variety of student organizations on campus at UF, including Strike Magazine. She is passionate about the unique student-run publication that covers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Her hands-on role as a writer has giving her relevant career experience in these fields. Caroline has been a part of the Strike Magazine team since the second issue and has watched the publication grow from the ground up. She describes her time working with the organization as a creative outlet to express herself. 

After her first job at Mod Pizza in Gainesville, Caroline acquired great customer service skills and moved on to larger opportunities with her internship at First Coast News in Jacksonville, Florida. As a newsroom intern, she wrote online stories and social media posts for the company's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. She even had a few television publications that made it on the air.  Through the news internship position, Caroline greatly enhanced her writing skills even further and fully applied her knowledge from the Journalism School at UF into the role.

During her apartment search at the end of freshman year of college, Caroline actually used the Swamp Rentals search engine to navigate the complicated Gainesville real estate market and find her dream apartment that checked off all her boxes. She has been living in her current apartment building with her roommate since sophomore year and plans to stay. It is located in close proximity to the University of Florida campus, which was very important for her during her apartment hunt. She says that the central location of in between midtown and downtown is great for walking and everything she needs is easily accessible. The building was a gem to uncover because the older but renovated style gives it a great quirkiness and charm. She loves to thrift furniture and redo unique finds to add character to the decor of her space and really make it her own. She met her roommate on Facebook last year, and the apartment brought them together and now they even are great friends! 

Originally from Virginia, Caroline moved to Florida just before starting high school. After living in Jacksonville for a while, she found herself really missing the cold northern weather at first and was reluctant to the change. Relocating to her new town was definitely a big adjustment. Now, she can appreciate all the Florida had to offer and really enjoys going to school here. Caroline's many personal interests include outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking. She loves being physically active after years of playing competitive basketball and volleyball, so she frequents the gym often. Finally, one of her favorite things to do is to try new recipes and cook in her apartment kitchen. Fun Fact: when she doesn't cook at home Caroline loves to stop by Krishna Lunch on UF campus!