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Christian Ragland

Christian is a graduate of Florida State University who has moved around the country quite a bit. Born in North Carolina, he has lived in Virginia, Boca Raton, and Port St. Lucie before settling into Tallahassee after moving for school. Thanks to his various changes of location, Christian understands the importance of finding the right place to live. From student living to post-graduated residence, Christian knows the best and worst of what amenities and features apartments have to offer.

Charmed by North Florida's natural landscape and southern residents, Christian has decided to stay in the area his graduation from FSU. He takes his studies very seriously and plans on attending law school in 2021. For this reason, Christian always creates a separate space for work and study within his apartment. For students living in apartments, this can prove to be an unexpected challenge, and Christian has been there before.

As the proud owner of a dachshund-miniature pinscher mix named Juni, Christian is experienced in navigating the world of pet-friendly apartments. He says it's important to have a nice outdoor area in which pet owners can go on walks and enjoy the fresh air, so he always recommends looking for apartment communities with dog parks or greenspaces. Tallahassee's beautiful parks offer plenty of space for lovers of the outdoors, and Christian has made an effort to visit them all, keeping in mind their proximity to apartments and notable locations within the city.

During his time as a student, Christian played in bands around Tallahassee and DJ'd for his college's radio station. His participation in the music scene allowed him to get to know the people and venues in the Tallahassee area. This connection with hometowns has shown him the importance of connecting with the community when living in a new city and connecting with local residents, and he's looking forward to answering questions for renters looking to find that same connection.