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Erica Steinkohl

Erica Steinkohl hails from sunny south Florida. Born in a family of diehard gators and having practically donned orange and blue since infancy, it was no surprise when she traded in the beaches of Fort Lauderdale for the swamplands of the Gator nation. At The University of Florida, Erica majors in Advertising and minors in Business Administration.

Innovative marketing that informs and excites is what motivates Erica. After being inspired by the world of musical theater at an early age, she came to embrace other creative outlets over time. Through writing, filming and designing, she could deliver to audiences in different ways. Erica has found a passion for strategizing and creating digital marketing content, leading her to pursue a master's certificate in web design. By gaining a firm grasp on both the front end and back end of the digital marketing arena, she fervently aspires to make her mark in the ever-evolving communications industry. She wants to tell stories and relay messages in ways that continually edge outside of the box.

Currently, Erica works on campus as a student technician for UF Information Technology's department, Video and Collaboration Services. She is one of the creative directors for UF Homecoming and Gator Growl, in charge of conceptualizing and executing video promotional skits that premier at the event and circulate on social media. In addition, she is involved in organizations such as Ad Society and Swamp Records where she serves on the digital creative and promotional committees. In her free time, Erica enjoys attending live music events, working out, relaxing on the water with a good book, and binge-watching the latest masterpiece of TV or film she can stream online.

Erica understands the struggle of finding a perfect apartment in Gainesville. It has been hard for her to find her ideal rental community, a home that truly balances a low budget with a close location and modern amenities. As an intern, Erica is proud to contribute toward an organization that helps make the apartment search process a more hassle-free, enjoyable experience.