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Maggie Teach

Originally from Indiana, Maggie grew up just minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Naples, Florida.  A proud member of the Gator Nation, she is currently pursuing a degree in advertising with a concentration in business.

Maggie has a great deal of experience in the retail industry, most recently completing a sales internship with Nordstrom last summer. After enjoying a part-time internship with Swamp Rentals in the spring, she decided to become a member of the team and contribute her passion and experience to helping tenants find their perfect match.  

Maggie loves to channel her creative side when decorating her home, whether it's recreating a neat painting found on Pinterest or spontaneously deciding to mix things up by changing the layout of a room. She recognizes the importance in establishing that "homey" feeling and finding a space where you can relax and unwind from the hassles of work and school. 

Some of her favorite pastimes include running, shopping for game day dresses and watching episodes of New Girl with her favorite canine companion (her miniature dachshund, Ruby).