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Maria Eisenhart

When she's not at the beach soaking up the sun this Miami girl loves shopping. Whether, she is strolling the mall or surfing the web being up to date on the latest fashion trends is a must for her. Maria, having been a busy city girl her entire life, enjoyed the luxury of always having good restaurants open at all hours to support her nocturnal lifestyle habits. But as she moved to Gainesville in fall 2010 she was ready to embrace the college town life. However, she was nervous about where to live as she lived in the same house her entire life. But in a short time she was able to find the apartment community with amenities that fit her personality just right. However, it was the right apartment but wrong roommates, until she found her current roommates. Now Maria and her three roommates enjoy TV show marathons on the couch with a delicious glass of wine.

Despite this issue Maria continued to succeed in Gainesville working for several local businesses that allowed her the opportunity to get to know both the student side of town and the outer skirts filled with families. She is graduating in December 2014 with a degree in Advertising and is looking forward to moving back to a big city.