Skyler Lebron Photo

Digital Marketing Intern

Skyler Lebron

Skyler Lebron is a digital marketing intern at SwampRentals with a burning passion for uncovering great stories and writing. Through his work in the Florida Alligator as a sports beat writer, his writing and editing at Gainesville Grub and other journalistic ventures, Skyler just loves to write and make a compelling ring.

Skyler hopes to use his degree to further pursue a career in sports journalism, but he also knows the importance of digital marketing in a world that is getting further and further digitized every day. His love for local and cultural history weaves with telling the story that each of the apartments on SwampRentals wishes to express, and finding secret niche restaurants or bookstores that nobody else knows about is one of his favorite activities. Past just knowing where the place is, Skyler wants to know what story that place has.

When he's not writing, Skyler really likes watching basketball or playing a pick-up game with friends, eating a really good taco and just having a good time with a couple friends. And you can bet, wherever there's a story waiting to be told, Skyler isn't too far away…