10 Reasons to Live Off-Campus in Gainesville

The dorms can be safe and sort of convenient. But who are we kidding? In no specific order, here are 10 great reasons to live off-campus.

  1. Privacy:

    One of the best features that UF off-campus housing has to offer, and often the most recognized, is privacy. Transferring from a dorm to an apartment means that you have far more privacy than you did before. You have your own quiet place to study, sleep, and use the restroom. Unlike in dorm rooms, you’re able to move about without the fear of disturbing, or being disturbed by a roommate sharing the same bedroom.
  2. Freedom:

    Another benefit of living off-campus is your newly found freedom! No more RA’s and no more of the strict rules that accompany dorm life. Of course, every apartment complex comes with their own set of rules that you must respect and abide by while living there, but they still offer far more freedom than dorms do.
  3. Quiet:

    Along with privacy, silence is one of the best features of off-campus living. You can say goodbye to noisy roommates while you study, 3 AM fire alarm drills, and people on your floor disrupting your sleep in the early hours of the morning. With the silence that off-campus living provides, you’re able to focus on your grades and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.gainesville apartment bedroom
  4. Space:

    Finally, the space that you deserve! Apartments offer the proper amount of space that one needs to succeed in all that they do. No more shoving random items and materials of clothing into overflowing drawers. Many apartments come with a desk, dresser, and nightstand, with plenty of room for additional storage.
  5. Amenities:

    Unlike dorm rooms, apartment complexes offer amenities. In many apartments, this includes a pool, gym, game room, and in some places, even a theater room!
  6. Community:

    Yes, with off-campus living you’re provided with privacy, freedom, and amenities, but nothing quite compares to the feeling of community you get when living in an apartment complex. You’re able to pick your own roommates, live with your best friends, and did we mention the pool parties? Most apartments through several pool parties throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to mingle and make friends with the people living in your complex.
  7. Location:

    Just like your dorm, many apartment complexes are just walking distance from your classes! This makes breaks between classes convenient, especially if you’re trying to squeeze in that nap, gym session, or quick dip in the pool.
  8. Cooking:

    Say goodbye to limiting yourself to things that can only be cooked in your dorm room! In an off-campus apartment, you’re provided with a full fridge, your own oven and stove, and of course, that go-to microwave if you’re not quite a five-star chef yet. In an apartment, you have access to plenty of cabinet/pantry space for food and snacks that you didn’t have available to you in a dorm.
  9. You get to stay:

    When you sign a lease with an apartment complex, you typically sign on for 12 months, which means that you can come and go as you please. Yes, even over breaks. Unless you decide to move out when your lease is up, you’re not forced to be out of your apartment by a certain time and date.
  10. You build credit:

    Finally, renting an off-campus apartment is one of the best ways that you can start building credit. We’ve heard it’s pretty useful in the real world.

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