Party Patrol & Renting in Gainesville

Gainesville has a reputation of being a bit of a party town. While living in an apartment in Gainesville, you may be invited to apartment parties. About 10 years back, the Gainesville Police Department started “The Party Patrol” to help make sure that everyone stays safe and considerate towards each other. Here are some facts to know about having a party and keeping the Party Patrol on your side:

students hanging out in gainesville apartment

The main complaint about Gainesville parties is noise. That’s understandable. According to the GPD Web site, city code prohibits “drunken, noisy or disorderly conduct within the city limits that disturbs public tranquility.” Try to keep it indoors, and keep it down after a reasonably late hour. It’s also a good idea to let your neighbors know of your plans… they’re the ones who are most likely to call GPD. Better yet, you should probably just invite them.

Underage drinkers are a major concern. If the Party Patrol is called to your house, that’s the #1 thing that they’ll be looking for. Noise & lots of traffic are one thing… underage drinking is on a totally different level. If GPD stops by, they’re likely to card anyone who looks like he or she is under 21. So, invite only people you know. And have your ID handy.

Open containers are the #2 thing that GPD looks for. Even if you’re 21, you can’t drink on a public road or sidewalk. Stay on the lawn or inside your apartment.

If the Party Patrol is called to your house or apartment, stay calm and cooperate. In most cases, if you are courteous and honest to the officer, the worst you’ll get is a noise complaint, which is only a warning that will not go on your record.

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