Resident Life Off-Campus at UF

Remember those stories about how your parents roughed it in an old drafty apartment, with barely enough room to swat the cockroaches and oscillating fans to cool the sweat off? Yeah, that’s not your modern-day apartment living. These days, renters in Gainesville apartments have it GOOD. Here are some details to whet your appetite.

resident life uf


Your apartment often brings the party to you. This is convenient & safe. No driving. No parking. No effort to gather a group of friends. No cover. No clean-up. No nasty bathrooms. No sitting around waiting to go home. Just free food, drinks and entertainment. It’s awesome.

The most visible parties in Gville are the pool parties. Starting just before spring break and running through the summer into the early fall, these bring huge crowds, with DJs, giveaways, fashion shows, you name it. Other events we’ve heard of include free massages, speed-dating, movie nights and casino nights.

Office Treats.

It’s hard to believe, but you might actually look forward to paying your rent each month. A number of apartment communities offer free cookies, candy and other treats in the main office. Some will even feed you breakfast, lunch or dinner on occasion.

Special Deals.

Some apartments will work out deals with local businesses to hook you up with special discounts on ice cream, pizza, coffee, book buyback and note packets.


The easiest way to describe renting in some of Gainesville’s off campus apartment communities is that it’s like living in a resort all the time. Since apartment communities really want you to rent from them, they make your stay worthwhile. Pools, that’s just the beginning of it. We’re talking tanning, gyms, game rooms, computer labs, free HBO, jogging trails, grills, basketball courts and virtual golf. Your parents will want to stay with you over break. Our favorite in-home amenity to look for is apartments with a washer and dryer included and apartments that come fully furnished - these might be a good place for you to start your search!

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