University of Florida Parent Guide 

College can be unknown territory to navigate for both students and parents. From finding an apartment that works for your Gator to finding your way around UF's beautiful campus, it can be overwhelming. Starting fresh can be scary, but it is also something to get excited about! Here at SwampRentals, we've put together this UF Parent Guide, help you handle the challenges of settling your student in, getting around, and finding what you need at the University of Florida. We want your student to be prepared and successful just as much as you do, so we did the homework for you. Check out our tips and you and your Gator will love it here!

Start Here for UF Off-Campus Housing

Whether you're a Gator alumni or new to Gainesville, there's always more to discover about UF off-campus housing. At we have the latest information to keep you updated and make sure your student has all the information on rentals in Gainesville they need to find the apartments that's just right for them. Start your search for apartments near UF here.

gainesville student housing tips

UF Apartment Hunting Tips & Tricks

This is step 1 for your Gainesville apartment hunt. Learn about renting your first apartment, budgeting, random roommates, floor plans, furniture...and more from a UF Alumni!

off campus living uf

10 Reasons To Live Off-Campus

Unsure about living off-campus for the first time? Check out these 10 reasons why off-campus living may be for you.

UF Apartment Search

Gainesville Neighborhood Guide

Are you unfamiliar with the Gainesville area and the different neighborhoods it is home to? Check out our Neighborhood Guide to find the perfect area in the Swamp for your Gator.

By the bed vs by the apartment

"By The Bed" vs. "By The Apartment"

When searching for apartments near the University of Florida it important to understand the distinction between how apartments are sold because this difference can affect your lease and your budget.

uf dorm vs apartment

Pros and Cons of Off-Campus Apartments vs UF Dorms

The lifestyles of an Off-Campus Gainesville apartment and a UF dorm can be very different. Compare the two to find what works best for your student's preferences.

sorority vs off campus apartment

Life in UF Off-Campus Housing vs in a Sorority House

Greek life is a big part of the University of Florida, with many students choosing to join or live in house. Get a glimpse of the differences between an off-campus apartment vs living in a sorority house.

Make Your Gator Feel At Home

One of the biggest worries parents have when dropping their kids off at college is that they will adjust well and end of loving their new home. While everything takes time, here are our tips to make your student's transition to UF as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

finding a roommate

Finding a Roommate

Finding an apartment is the easy part. Finding someone to live with can be more of a challenge. Check out our tips for keeping the peace and handling conflict. 

resident life uf

Gainesville Apartment Resident Life

Curious about what apartment life will be like? We have the inside scoop on what resident life is like at Gainesville apartments. 

fell like home uf apartment

How to Make a UF Apartment Feel Like Home

Discover all of the different ways to get to class and around Gainesville. Find the option that works best for your lifestyle and enjoy the ride!

Settling in UF Apartment

Settling Into Your Gainesville Apartment

Creating a living space that you enjoy and improve your mental headspace and help with getting adjusted to college. Make your Gainesville apartment into a space you can relax in with these tips.

Get to Know Gainesville

The more you know about the Gainesville area, the more the charm and character of the city will win you and your Gator over. Students can find their niche here with plenty to do no matter their interests. Explore Gainesville and you'll find out it's great to be a Florida Gator.

uf bus stops

Bus Routes Around UF Campus

The RTS bus system for many students is the primary way they get to and from campus. Check out our tips on how to get familiar with the bus routes that are situated around the UF campus.

uf study spot

Best Study Spots For UF Students

When there's a big test looming or you need somewhere to focus other than your apartment, you may look for alternatives besides a campus library. Check out these spots around Gainesville that are pleasant to hangout at and perfect for grinding.

college kids do for fun gainesville

What College Kids Do For Fun In Gainesville

What does the typical activities of a college student in Gainesville look like? Take it from a current UF student and learn about all the fun that's waiting for your Gator.

local food gainesville

Local Gainesville Restaurants You Have To Try

If you've lived in Gainesville for a little while, you'll know that it is somewhat of an undiscovered foodie paradise. Gainesville has plenty of local food for UF students to explore and enjoy.

dna bridge Gainesville

What's the DNA Bridge?

Find out about a mysterious and stunning Gainesville landmark. Have all your questions answered with a little bit of background and information on the Helyx Bridge.

What UF Parents Need to Know

You Gators may be ready to start their independent adventures, but sometimes a parent still needs to step in. Parents listen up; here's what you need to know.

UF cost of living

UF Cost of Living Guide

Get an estimate for your expenses as a student in Gainesville with our comprehensive UF cost of living guide.

UF cost of living

Safety Features to Look for in Off-Campus Apartments

When it comes to the safety of your Gator, the best practice is to be over prepared. Check out the safety features that need to be on your off-campus apartment must-haves list. 

guarantors and co-signers

Guide to Guarantors & Co-Signers

Understanding your lease and terms like "guarantors" and "co-signers" is crucial when signing for an apartment.  Check out our article to make sure you're informed.

Additional Resources

Check out these additional tidbits to ensure your Gator is ready for Gainesville.

international student housing

UF International Student Off-Campus Housing Guide

Welcome international students! We are here to make your off-campus UF housing search easy. From leases to vocabulary, check out our guide to get ready for your stay in Gainesville.

GPD Party Patrol

GPD Party Patrol 

Learn what the GPD Party Patrol is and what you need to know about them.

uf voting guide

UF Student Voting Guide

Voting while in college can be tricky. Here's everything you need to know to make your voice heard.