Swamp Rentals FAQs

What apartments do UF Med students and UF Residents typically rent in Gainesville, FL?

The apartment in Gainesville you choose to rent as a medical student or medical resident really depends on how close you want, or need, to be to UF Health Shands. As UF Health has grown, there are a wide variety of locations around the community you may be working at. From satellite ER's like UF Health Emergency Center - Kanapaha to actual classes on campus at the University of Florida medical school, you may find your needs and location in constant flux. With SwampRentals.com, you can easily search hundreds of features like location, rent price, amenities, and more to best find the apartment that fits your lifestyle and budget as a UF Med student or resident.

Start Your Search for Apartments Near UF College of Medicine

If you know you would like to be closer to the UF campus, you should search for an apartment in our “Archer Rd” or “South 13th St” neighborhoods. You set the “miles to UF” slider bar to 1 or zero miles. There are several smaller, cheap apartments along SW Archer Road, many of which have seen recent upgrades. Other apartments nearby cater to students and are larger and provide additional amenities and services like high-speed internet and roommate matching. Gainesville apartments near the UF Medical School offer plentiful amenities for R&R during study breaks like resort-style pools and large on-site fitness centers.

If you don’t want to live around traditional student apartments, you should search in our “Northwest Gainesville” or “Surrounding Areas” neighborhoods. With these apartments, you would have to commute to UF Health / Shands, but your apartment would most likely be surrounded by families and in a quiet neighborhood. Many times, in neighborhoods further away from campus you'll find young professionals a potentially more family-oriented feel. This might be more conducive to a quieter environment for intense study or a better environment with more plentiful amenities for families like parks, playgrounds, and other highlights of the Gainesville community.