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Swamp Rentals is the fastest way to find Gainesville, Fl apartments. Built for UF Gators by UF Gators, we've made it easy for you to search and compare hundreds of apartments in Gainesville. Looking in a specific area of town? Find apartments for rent near UF, Shands, Santa Fe College or any other parts of Gainesville. Are you a student?  Check out our price by room option. If you're looking to rent the entire apartment, compare price by apartment. Each listing contains photos, videos, neighborhood information, floor plan options  and more. You can even share the apartments you've found with your friends and family via Facebook and Twitter. It's fast, easy and free! 

Archer Road Video

Archer Road

The Archer Road section of town (south and southwest of the University of Florida campus) is a large expanse that is filled with tons of student-living apartments and just as much food and retail. While there certainly are pockets of traditional "non-student" apartments, residents here are primarily students living in the dense clusters of apartment complexes that populate the area. The center...Explore Archer Road
Downtown Gainesville Video

Downtown Gainesville

"Downtown Gainesville" usually refers to the area roughly surrounding the intersection of Main Street and University Ave. Technically speaking, it extends east from West 13th Street all the way to Waldo Road and from South Depot Avenue to North 8th Avenue. Apartments in Downtown Gainesville are great for those looking for a more "urban" feel. There's a lot going on during the day, but even more...Explore Downtown Gainesville
Mid-Town Gainesville Video

Mid-Town Gainesville

"Mid-Town" usually refers to the area surrounding the University of Florida campus north of University Ave. It extends from NW 34th Street to NW 6th St. and up from University Avenue until you get to 8th Avenue. This area of town is student-central; you could call it the heart of Gainesville. Perks Students at UF will spend much of their time in mid-town already, so living here makes sense....Explore Mid-Town Gainesville
Northwest Gainesville Video

Northwest Gainesville

Northwest Gainesville is known for quiet, tree-lined neighborhoods and a family atmosphere. The boundary starts at 8th Avenue and heads north to 39th Avenue. It extends west from 13th Street all the way to Santa Fe College. It's home to many Santa Fe students, college professors and other local residents, as well as some nice shopping areas. Perks This large area has a nice variety of homes...Explore Northwest Gainesville
Sorority Row & South Video

Sorority Row & South

Sorority Row & South Gainesville starts with Sorority Row and extends east until Downtown. It continues along the southeast corner of campus, encompassing the area south of Shands along 13th Street all the way past Waldo Road. Some areas are not as densely populated or commercialized, but it is an up-and-coming area that is close to multiple hot-spots. Perks Although it is not as highly...Explore Sorority Row & South
Tioga & Haile Video

Tioga & Haile

Here are a few other areas around Gainesville, FL not covered in our other neighborhood guides. Town of Tioga The Town of Tioga and the Tioga Town Center are a few miles west of Gainesville on Newberry Road. It's a relatively new, planned development that is designed to create a "front porch" neighborhood feel. There are completed homes for sale, as well as homes under construction, condos and...Explore Tioga & Haile
West Gainesville Video

West Gainesville

West Gainesville extends west of the University of Florida's 34th Street border from NW 8th Avenue down to the border of Butler Plaza and all the way west to 91st Street. It is filled with residential neighborhoods, apartment communities, shopping centers and restaurants. Perks This area is so diverse that students looking for close access to campus, without the downfalls of living right on...Explore West Gainesville

The Experts on Apartments in Gainesville

The staff at Swamp Rentals has a good deal of experience renting Gainesville apartments. We're all Gators - some of us graduated from the University of Florida years ago, and others are still UF students. When you add it all up, our staff has literally rented from over 50 different apartments in Gainesville. We're here to answer your questions about renting in Gainesville.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I decide which area of Gainesville is right for me to rent an apartment?

    (This content was updated 5/2/16)This is a great question, because choosing an apartment is a big decision in anyone's life—one that you want to get right the first time! Since everyone's preferences, hobbies, lifestyles, and needs are different, let me walk you through the major neighborhoods of Gainesville, FL so that you can identify the one that sounds like the best match for you. Then you can use Swamp Rentals to narrow down apartments in that neighborhood! Archer Road A popular... Read More »

  • What's with all the construction on Depot Road?

    As Gainesville continues to innovate and attract new businesses, many of which are in the tech fields, much of the downtown and immediate surrounding areas are getting a facelift. This is great news for those where downtown is the place they live, work or play. And while we all know the stress that is dealing with construction zones, many of these changes are for the greater good… or should we say Gator good?The Depot Avenue Segment Two Project is a great example of this and one that... Read More »

  • How much does renter's insurance cost?

    The cost of renter's insurance varies from person to person, place to place and city to city but for most college students and recent grads, it's extremely affordable. "An insured's 'personal property' coverage will be the key factor in determining how high or low their premium will be," Casey Hahn, local Farm Bureau Insurance agent tell us. For most college students and recent grads, the amount of personal property they need to have covered will typically fall on the lower end of the... Read More »

  • Why do short-term leases cost more?

    The process of transitioning an apartment from renter A to renter B, also called turnover, takes time and money, something most renters don't know or think about. From a property manager's standpoint, they have to advertise, rent and prepare for the next tenant (paint, clean, replace carpet, etc. etc.) anytime a renter leaves. This is why most communities and landlords ask for at least a 12-month lease. Not because they want to charge you more, it just costs them more to have you as a... Read More »

  • What Are Some Alternatives to Paying Rent Using a Drop Box?

    Paying rent each month is tough enough as it is, so why factor in the added stress of having to worry about whether your money is safe when you slip it into a drop box?  After all, what's to keep someone from breaking into it and stealing a few checks? Or worse, what's to keep someone from stealing the drop box altogether?  It's impossible to know for sure whether your rent will find its way to the apartment community safely. Drop box thefts do happen, and hurts both you and the... Read More »

  • What is the Difference Between Subletting and Reletting an Apartment?

    If for some reason you play on moving out of town, whether permanently or just for a few months, you may be wondering what you can do to move someone you're your apartment.  Subletting and reletting your apartment (or a room in your apartment) are two options to think about when looking to find someone to move in to your apartment quickly. However, both are two very different types of rental agreement, each with their own set of pros and cons. Before you make a decision, you should know... Read More »

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