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Swamp Rentals is the easiest way to find apartments in Gainesville, FL and UF off-campus housing. Custom made for University of Florida by a team of Gators, we've made the fastest way to search and compare hundreds of Gainesville apartments. Find apartments for rent near UF, UF Health/Shands, Santa Fe College or any other parts of Swamp. Students can browse by-the-room pricing and send your future roommates directly to leasing offices. Compare non-student apartments in Gainesville based on location, price, and amenity preferences. Each listing is thoughtfully created with the latest photos, videos, neighborhood information, floor plan options and more.

Living in Gainesville, Florida, nestled in the heart of Alachua County, offers a vibrant and enriching experience. This charming city effortlessly blends the tranquility of nature with the energy of a bustling college town. From the breathtaking Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, to the vibrant downtown area, teeming with eclectic shops, there is always something new to do and explore. Nature enthusiasts can indulge in the captivating beauty of Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park or embark on an outdoor adventure along the picturesque Santa Fe River. With its warm climate, welcoming community, and an endless list of activities, Gainesville, Florida, truly offers a remarkable living experience right outside the front door of your future Gainesville apartment.

Archer Road Video

Archer Road

The Archer Road section of town (south and southwest of the University of Florida campus) is a large expanse that is filled with a variety of Gainesville apartments and just as much food and retail. Locals love this area because it provides easy access to I-75, The University of Florida, and restaurants and retail at Butler Plaza and Celebration Pointe. Live anywhere in this neighborhood, and...Explore Archer Road
Downtown Gainesville Video

Downtown Gainesville

Gainesville's vibrant downtown community perfectly captures the city's authentic college town vibe; a relaxed atmosphere filled with southern charm. Neighboring the University of Florida, this part of the Gator Nation extends across University Avenue east from 6th Street to 15th Street and south from 8th Ave. to 5th Ave. This location is ideal for University of Florida students and professors...Explore Downtown Gainesville
Midtown Gainesville Video

Midtown Gainesville

The Midtown neighborhood is the area surrounding the University of Florida campus north of University Ave. It extends from NW 34th Street to NW 6th St. and up from University Avenue until you get to 8th Avenue. This area of town is student-central; many call it the heart of the Swamp. Students frequent this area in between classes or study sessions at Library West to grab lunch from the strip's...Explore Midtown Gainesville
Newberry, Tioga & Haile Video

Newberry, Tioga & Haile

Here's some information on Newberry, Tioga & Haile. These neighborhoods are a couple of miles west of Gainesville & are home to many of Gainesville apartments for permanent residents and UF faculty. Newberry Newberry has historically been home to many well-established residential neighborhoods. Recently, this neighborhood has attracted University of Florida grads looking to plant roots...Explore Newberry, Tioga & Haile
Northwest Gainesville Video

Northwest Gainesville

Northwest Gainesville is known for quiet, scenic, and inviting neighborhoods and a family atmosphere. The boundary starts at 8th Avenue and heads north to 39th Avenue. It extends west from 13th Street all the way to Santa Fe College. It's home to many Santa Fe students, college professors and other local residents, as well as some nice shopping areas. Perks This large area has a nice variety...Explore Northwest Gainesville
Sorority Row & South Video

Sorority Row & South

The Sorority Row & South Gainesville neighborhoods start with Sorority Row, between SW 8th Ave and SW 9th Ave, and extends east until you reach downtown. It continues along the southeast corner of campus, encompassing the area south of UF Health along 13th Street all the way past Waldo Road. This up-and-coming area is known for its close proximity to sorority houses, UF Health, and access to...Explore Sorority Row & South
West Gainesville Video

West Gainesville

The tree-lined, cozy community of West Gainesville is one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods, and apartments in the area are highly sought-after by students, young professionals, and growing families. Extending west from 34th Street to 91st Street, this area is home to a variety of beautiful residential neighborhoods, including houses, apartments, and townhomes, as well as, a...Explore West Gainesville

The Experts on Apartments in Gainesville

Looking for the perfect apartment in Gainesville? Look no further than Swamp Rentals! With over a decade of experience, the Swamp Rentals team has been dedicated to helping students find their ideal apartments near the University of Florida. As fellow Gators, we understand the unique needs and preferences of students, whether you're an incoming freshman or a seasoned senior.

Having personally rented from over 50 different apartments in Gainesville, our team members have firsthand knowledge of the local rental market. We've witnessed the city's growth and development, and we're equipped with valuable insights to assist you in making informed decisions. Whether you're searching for a cozy studio apartment or a spacious multi-bedroom unit to share with roommates, we can guide you through the process and provide tailored recommendations based on your budget, location preferences, and desired amenities.

We're all Gators - some of us were around for the Tebow era, and others are very recent graduates. Together, we have more than 40 years of experience living in Gainesville. There’s no one better to answer your questions about renting in Gainesville apartments.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which apartments in Gainesville are a better fit for professionals/families vs. students?

This is a common question in Gainesville, with so many apartment communities close to the University catering to students. Student apartments in Gainesville are typically leased by-the-room, while apartments for non-students are typically leased by the apartment. You should look at the pricing displayed for the apartment community, if it shows $$/room you can expect that they offer individual leases (by-the-bedroom). If the pricing is listed by month ($$/month), that is a good indication that the apartments are leased jointly, or by the entire apartment.

How can I find apartments in Gainesville, FL for non-students?

To find non-student apartments in Gainesville, you'll want to look for features like joint leases (for the entire apartment, rather than by-the-bedroom) and avoid apartments that offer student perks like roommate matching and all-inclusive rent.

When should I sign my apartment lease for the Fall semester in Gainesville?

Student apartments in Gainesville can help you reserve your space for an August move-in date up to 12-months in advance. You'll find the best apartment deals and the most availability earlier in the season, as soon as January-March. We highly recommend signing a lease before the summer semester. Some communities will still have options available during the summer months, just use the Check Availability form on Swamp Rentals to see which apartment floor plans are still available.

What apartments in Gainesville are best for University of Florida students?

Typically, UF students like to live in off-campus housing that is nearby campus. This is way they have a short commute to class, are close to the library, and have access to midtown food and entertainment -- plus a great spot on gamedays. What area to choose around the university, is going to be up to the student's lifestyle preferences. Popular neighborhoods for students include Midtown, Sorority Row, and Archer Road. The closer you are to campus, the more expensive and smaller the apartment will normally be. However, will probably have great amenities and a walkable lifestyle. If you want more space and lots of shops, the Archer Road area super convenient with tons of dining options and local entertainment. If the apartment is scooter distance to campus (a mile or two), it is a great choice for a UF student.

How much does an apartment near the University of Florida rent for?

Apartments near UF typically get more expensive the closer you are to campus. Student communities offer individual leases, so you will be charged per the bedroom. Expect to pay at least $800/bedroom when you are within walking distance to UF's campus. If you choose to live in a one bedroom apartment verses a three bedroom apartment, your rent will be significantly higher. Typically the further you are from campus, the lower your rent will be, but upgraded amenities or large floor plans could offset this. To get more of an idea of your expenses as a student, check out our UF Cost of Living Guide

Your Apartment Questions Answered

  • How do I keep my Gainesville apartment smelling nice without burning candles?

      Embrace the Power of Fresh Air in University of Florida Apartments One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your UF apartment smelling fresh is toallow outside air to circulate. Opening a window makes your entire space feel cleaner by lettinga natural breeze flow through. Beyond expelling odors, cracking windows can offer additionalbenefits like reduced utility bills and improved health. Gainesville's mild winters make itpossible to do this almost the entire school... Read More »

  • What are the best tips for keeping a cat in your Gainesville apartment?

    As a student, you might find that a college cat gives a welcome break from rigorous academic life. Just try not to get jealous that they get to snooze 16 hours a day while you prep for that final. Still, ensuring that your Gainesville apartment is a happy environment for you and your cat requires careful planning, and Swamp Rentals is here to help. Cat Proof Your UF Apartment Your cat may have a knack for scratching, climbing and exploring everything in sight. If this is the case,... Read More »

  • I'm still looking for housing in Gainesville for Fall 2024, any tips for last-minute apartment hunting?

    Are you still looking for an apartment in Gainesville with an August 2024 move-in date? This summer is flying by but don't fear, Swamp Rentals is here to help! Here are 5 tips to help guide your apartment search near The University of Florida and find the best community to meet your lifestyle and budget before classes begin at UF this Fall. 1. Consider Larger Floor Plan Types Studio and 1-bedroom apartments in Gainesville, particularly at apartment communities walkable or a quick drive... Read More »

  • How can I avoid bike theft in Gainesville?

    The Independent Alligator reported that bike theft is up 60% year-over year, and they've got us thinking - how can we help students avoid the too-frequent occurrance of bike theft? This one's personal for me - when I attended UF (Class of 2015), I brought my mom's (way too nice for a college kid) street bike to school with me. It was a sweet ride, and my primary means of transportation to UF classes. One morning, I woke up and got ready for class only to find my bike seat and front wheel... Read More »

  • Do you have any organization tips for small apartments in Gainesville?

    While spacious Gainesville apartments might be desirable, they don't always fit into every budget or preference. Some of us might prefer a cozier, smaller space where extra room isn't a top priority. However, if you're like me, a self-proclaimed hoarder of knick-knacks and items you'll "use eventually," finding adequate storage solutions in one-bedroom or studio apartments in Gainesville might be on your checklist. If you're hesitant about parting with your belongings but don't want to incur... Read More »

  • How can I keep my car safe at my Gainesville apartment?

      Finding the ideal apartment in Gainesville entails considering various factors, with protected parking being a top priority for many. Secured parking not only shields your vehicle from Florida's intense heat and erratic weather but also eliminates the hassle of parallel parking while providing you with a guaranteed spot. Despite common misconceptions about limited parking in apartments, it's relatively easy to discover Gainesville residences offering protected parking away from... Read More »

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Gainesville apartments are incredibly diverse, with options for every level of academia and options for everyone from young professionals to families. Find what’s right for your needs, whether you'd like cheap apartments to save some money or luxury apartments with all the top amenities. We know all the ins and outs of the Swamp, whether you're looking for a brand new apartment close to class, or someplace on your favorite bus route. Swamp Rentals gives unmatched insight into the lifestyle of each apartment community, so you'll be ready to sign a lease with confidence.

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Unless you're familiar with the North Central Florida area, you may be unsure what neighborhood in Gainesville meets your needs. From exploring a nature-lovers paradise, Payne’s Prairie, to getting grocery shopping done at Butler Plaza, we’ll give you snapshot of life in your Gainesville apartment.

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There’s no way around it, Gainesville, FL’s lifeblood comes from The University of Florida. Whether you're moving to Gville to study or work at the top-ranked public research university or to start your career as a working professional, you’re going to need insight on the culture of The Swamp. Our team bleeds blue and orange, and we’re dying to give you all the tips and tricks to living in Gainesville.