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Swamp Rentals is the fastest way to find Gainesville, FL apartments and off-campus housing. Built for University of Florida Gators by UF Gators, we've made it easy for you to search and compare hundreds of apartments in Gainesville. Looking in a specific area of town? Find apartments for rent near UF, UF Health/Shands, Santa Fe College or any other parts of Gainesville. Are you a student? Check out our price by room option for apartments near UF Campus. If you're looking to rent the entire apartment, compare non-student apartments in Gainesville based on price and amenities. Each listing contains photos, videos, neighborhood information, floor plan options and more.

Archer Road Video

Archer Road

The Archer Road section of town (south and southwest of the University of Florida campus) is a large expanse that is filled with a variety of apartments and just as much food and retail. Locals love this area because it provides easy access to I-75, The University of Florida, and restaurants and retail at Butler Plaza and Celebration Pointe. Live anywhere in this neighborhood, and you'll never...Explore Archer Road
Downtown Gainesville Video

Downtown Gainesville

Gainesville's vibrant downtown community perfectly captures the city's authentic college town vibe, relaxed atmosphere and Southern charm. Neighboring the University of Florida, this part of the Gator Nation extends across University Avenue east from 6th Street to 15th Street and south from 8th Ave. to 5th Ave. This location is ideal for University of Florida students and professors looking to...Explore Downtown Gainesville
Midtown Gainesville

Midtown Gainesville

"Midtown" usually refers to the area surrounding the University of Florida campus north of University Ave. It extends from NW 34th Street to NW 6th St. and up from University Avenue until you get to 8th Avenue. This area of town is student-central; you could call it the heart of Gainesville. Students frequent this area in between classes or study sessions at Library West to grab lunch from the...Explore Midtown Gainesville
Northwest Gainesville Video

Northwest Gainesville

Northwest Gainesville is known for quiet, tree-lined neighborhoods and a family atmosphere. The boundary starts at 8th Avenue and heads north to 39th Avenue. It extends west from 13th Street all the way to Santa Fe College. It's home to many Santa Fe students, college professors and other local residents, as well as some nice shopping areas. Perks This large area has a nice variety of homes...Explore Northwest Gainesville
Sorority Row & South Video

Sorority Row & South

The Sorority Row & South Gainesville neighborhoods start with Sorority Row, between SW 8th Ave. and SW 9th Ave. and extends east until you reach the Downtown Gainesville neighborhood. It continues along the southeast corner of campus, encompassing the area south of UF Health along 13th Street all the way past Waldo Road. Some areas are not as densely populated or commercialized, but it is an...Explore Sorority Row & South
Tioga & Haile Video

Tioga & Haile

Here are a few other areas around Gainesville, FL not covered in our other neighborhood guides. Town of Tioga The Town of Tioga and the Tioga Town Center are a few miles west of Gainesville on Newberry Road. It's a relatively new, planned development that is designed to create a "front porch" neighborhood feel. There are completed homes for sale, as well as homes under construction, condos and...Explore Tioga & Haile
West Gainesville Video

West Gainesville

The tree-lined, cozy community of West Gainesville is one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods, and apartments in West Gainesville are highly sought-after by students, young professionals, and growing families. Extending west from 34th Street to 91st Street, this area is home to a variety of beautiful residential neighborhoods, including houses, apartments, and townhomes, as well as a...Explore West Gainesville

The Experts on Apartments in Gainesville

The staff at Swamp Rentals has a good deal of experience renting Gainesville apartments. We're all Gators - some of us graduated from the University of Florida years ago, and others are still UF students. When you add it all up, our staff has literally rented from over 50 different apartments in Gainesville. We're here to answer your questions about renting in Gainesville.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tour Gainesville apartments virtually?

You sure can! We have added virtual tours to many Swamp Rentals listings so you can tour from home while stay in place recommendations are in force. You can also schedule one on one virtual tours with the leasing team at your favorite apartments. Still have questions? Try this help article on touring Gainesville apartments virtually.

How can I find apartments in Gainesville for non-students?

To find non-student apartments in Gainesville, you'll want to look for features like joint leases (for the entire apartment, rather than by-the-bedroom) and avoid apartments that offer student perks like roommate matching and all-inclusive rent.

When should I sign my lease for the Fall semester?

Student apartments in Gainesville can help you reserve your space for an August move-in date up to 12-months in advance. You'll find the best apartment deals and the most availability earlier in the season, as soon as January-March. We highly recommend signing a lease before the summer semester. Some communities will still have options available during the summer months, just use the Check Availability form on Swamp Rentals to see which apartment floor plans are still available.

Your Apartment Questions Answered

  • What are the coolest amenities for Gainesville apartments?

    Residents who've lived in many Gainesville apartment communities are familiar with all the common and popular amenities. While community pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses are great perks to rental living, some residents may need that little bit extra for a unique experience in Gainesville apartments. Ever wonder what it would be like to go tubing or play a vintage arcade game in your own community? Below you'll find some of the most interesting and distinctive amenities in town. Lazy... Read More »

  • How to nail an interview near Gainesville apartments?

    Whether it's a new job, internship, or volunteer opportunity, interviewing is inevitable. The employer will use the interview to assess your ability to do the job you are applying for as well as to determine if you are hardworking, dedicated, and reliable enough to be hired for the position. This is why interviews are so important! How prepared you are for an interview will show during the interview itself and other people will be trying out for the same position near Gainesville apartments... Read More »

  • What’s the best way to move from one Gainesville apartment to another?

    You might be looking for the best way to approach transferring between two different apartments in the city of Gainesville. The good thing is that you are probably familiar with the area due to your prior living situation, but that doesn't mean that moving to a different apartment in Gainesville won't be somewhat stressful. Just because it's in the same city doesn't mean you won't have to acclimate a little bit. Sometimes unfavorable living situations, a desired change of scenery,... Read More »

  • What resources does Swamp Rentals offer for parents of University of Florida students?

    College is a big step for both students and parents. With so many big decisions to make, preparing to move your Gator to Gainesville can feel overwhelming and stressful. Here at Swamp Rentals, we want to help you feel as prepared as possible to send your college student off to school. We have put together several resources to help guide you through these different decisions.  The University of Florida Parent Guide We put together a parent guide with all our best advice and tips on... Read More »

  • Where are the best food deals in Gainesville?

    When choosing a rental community, the area that you'll be living in can be as important as the prospective apartment itself. Any district is like plain bread without the authentic establishments that provide the flavor to the area. Residents of Gainesville, Florida are lucky enough to find cuisine gems on every corner. Stretching from Archer Road to midtown, and downtown to Micanopy, the Gator Nation has countless restaurants. No matter which rental community you reside in, good food is never... Read More »

  • What is the difference between a studio and a 1-bedroom apartment?

    When I first started my apartment search during my freshman year of college, I was overwhelmed by the multitude of floorplans offered in the Gainesville area. While trying to decide how many roommates I would be looking for, I found myself searching through options with less roommates simply because of the convenience and independence of living alone. Who hasn't honestly thought about the ease of solo living after managing roommate relations at the University of Florida? This search quickly... Read More »

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There's no doubt about it, the Gainesville community's heart beats around The University of Florida. Whether you're moving to Gville to study or work at the top-ranked public research university or to work at one of the surrounding businesses supported by UF's population, you're going to need tips and tricks on which neighborhood and apartment community will best fit your lifestyle. Our team graduated from UF - we've lived and learned in Gainesville, and it's our job to help share those experiences.