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Find 5 Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville, FL

More roommates equal more fun, right? If you and four of your closest friends are looking to share a new pad, searching for 5 bedroom apartments in Gainesville may be right up your alley! This unique floorplan is offered at a few communities in the area with both University of Florida and Santa Fe College students in mind. Typically, five bedrooms are found only when you rent a standalone, single-family house. However, there are 5 bedroom apartments that exist around campus and many students are taking advantage of the benefits of living in these quintuple units!

Five bedroom apartments near UF have students in mind!

In most cases, five bedroom apartments in Gainesville are located within student-centric communities. This means that the leases that each resident will sign will be individual leases. And individual lease signed by each roommate will hold only that specific roommate responsible for his or her portion of the apartment. These are also commonly known as "by-the-bed" communities. Each roommate will be responsible for the rent of their private bedroom and sometimes private bathroom. This is very convenient for many students and helps with any issues that may arise in a more traditional-lease setting. If one of the roommates are unable to pay their rent, that does not affect the rest of the roommates.

Another common option for five bedroom apartments is that they will offer all-inclusive pricing. This means that along with each roommate paying rent on their bedrooms, the amount they owe each month will also include utilities. This can include electricity, water, cable, high-speed internet and more. All-inclusive may also include fully-furnished apartments. This is helpful for students who are just starting out on their own and who may not have furniture. Typically in a fully-furnished unit, pieces that are included are a bed, dresser, nightstand and desk. It doesn't end in just the bedroom though! These 5 bedroom apartments could potentially furnish the common areas too, such as the living room and dining room.

Five bedroom apartments offer so many benefits!

5 bedroom apartments in Gainesville have many benefits for potential residents. Whether you are living with your closest friends from high school or you are walking into a completely random roommate matching situation, you will find that sharing your apartment with others can be very helpful. For one, you will be able to split the extra costs that come along with living on your own, besides your rent and utilities. You can take turns picking up groceries or household cleaning items. If you are living alone, the costs of these types of things really start to add up. Another benefit is that you have more people to share household responsibilities with. No longer will you be responsible for vacuuming and cleaning every single weekend – make a chore chart and split the responsibility! You may also make some brand new friends in the process of living in 5 bedroom apartments. These could be your new compadres for life, and you will get to experience some of the best times of your life together while attending college. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What appliances are included in 5 bedroom apartments?

Five bedroom apartments typically come with a fully equipped kitchen including a refrigerator, oven with range, dishwasher, and microwave. You'll also want to look for perks like an ice maker in the freezer and garbage disposal. Five bedroom apartments also might include a washer and dryer for you to share with your roommates. Just make sure you ask good questions during your tour so you have a good understanding of which appliances you see in the model are included.

What are 5 bedroom floor plans like for student housing?

Most commonly, 5 bedroom floor plans in Gainesville are townhome-style apartments, with the apartment bedrooms split up on 2-3 floors. Some 5 bedroom floor plans offer private bathrooms for each resident, but other more affordable options have bathroom(s) that are shared by 2+ roommates. You can also find houses around The University of Florida that offer 5 bedrooms, typically in the Sorority Row and Midtown neighborhoods close to campus. 

How many people can live in a 5 bedroom apartment?

Most of the 5 bedroom apartments in Gainesville are leased individually, or "by-the-bedroom". By the bed leases only allow for 1 occupant per bedroom. This means that in an individually leased student apartment, 5 total residents is the maximum number for a 5 bedroom floor plan. 

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