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    Non-Student Apartments in Gainesville

    Non-Student Apartments

    Searching for non-student apartments in Gainesville? You've come to the right place. Swamp Rentals was built with Gainesville in mind, and we offer the ability to search either by the entire apartment or by-the-room. If you're searching for a non-student apartment, this is exactly the tool you need to find rentals in Gainesville not geared towards students! This page is a great place to start your search for non-student apartments, because all of the apartments on this list have indicated that they lease their apartments with joint leases, which means you can sign a lease for the entire apartment rather than just 1 bedroom. If you're not a student, this is exactly the type of lease you should be looking to sign! 

    With so many off campus apartments for rent in Gainesville, it's sometimes hard to remember that people are searching for non-student housing. The easiest and fastest thing to do is to use our apartment search page. We made it easy for you. You'll notice that we started your search off by checking the "joint, entire unit" box under "lease style." We also checked the "No" box under "Roommate matching."

    The Challenge with Non-Student Apartments in Gainesville

    Here's the challenge… apartments in Gainesville, Fl (or anywhere else for that matter) cannot and do not discriminate amongst their renters. They can't advise you on whether you're "too old" or even "too young." They also will be hesitant to answer questions like, "Are these apartments just for students?" So, generally you need to use your intuition during your apartment search. Think about features that would attract students vs. professionals and families. For example, do you think a student property would have a playground? Of course not! Do you think non-student apartments would offer roommate matching or lease by the bedroom? No, they would sign leases for the entire apartment!

    Advice for Gators Searching for Non-Student Apartments

    A word of advice for students looking to sign a joint-lease (non-student apartment) with roommates: Student communities are convenient for college kids because with an individual lease you only have to worry about your own rent. If your roommate decides to stop paying rent, you will not be affected or penalized. You can lease an apartment with friends and all of your names will be on the lease. Remember that if one roommate leaves, you will still be responsible for the full amount of rent divided between the remaining roommates . With that being said, be sure you can trust the people you sign a joint lease with.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are non-student apartments in Gainesville cheaper?

    In non-student apartments you will typically pay for things like electricity, water, high-speed internet, and cable separate from the monthly rent. At student properties, some of these extras will be bundled with the listed rent along with the furniture package. So yes, the base rent at non-student apartments in Gainesville will be lower than all-inclusive student housing communities, but you will potentially have higher bills outside of the regular monthly rent.

    How can I tell which apartments are for non-students?

    The best way to tell which apartments are for non-students is to look at the amenities and features offered by the community. For example, student properties typically offer student-perks like all-inclusive rent, by-the-bedroom leases, and roommate matching programs (at a higher monthly rate!). If you're looking for non-student apartments, avoid features like this during your search.

    If I'm not a student, can I still live at a student housing community?

    Most off-campus student housing in Gainesville will allow anyone to lease the apartment regardless of their student-status. Just a few properties are restricted to students only. Keep in mind, these apartments will have a student lifestyle, which might mean a bit of extra noise on Gator game day. As a non-student, you might also have trouble with things like roommate matching and sharing a common area with other students. 

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