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    Apartments near North Florida Regional Medical Center

    North Florida Regional Medical CenterNorth Florida Regional Medical Center (NFRMC)  is a full-service emergency care facility located on Newberry Road in Gainesville that offers comprehensive car for specialties like cardiovascular health, oncology, weight loss surgey and treatment, and women's health. NFRMC is also a teaching hospital, with medical students spending time at the facility for graduate medical education.

    Whether you're moving to the area to work as a doctor or nurse at the hospital, as a medical student, or as a patient for long-term treatment, you'll find tons of apartment options within a 5 minute drive of the hospital. Apartments near North Florida Regional Medical Center offer a wide variety of price points and floor plan options to fit any budget. 

    Location of Apartments near North Florida Regional Medical Center

    The Medical Center is in a convenient location in Gainesville on Newberry Road, near the Oaks Mall and I-75's Newberry Exit 388. This is a busy area of town, with tons of restaurant options and stores surrounding The Oaks Mall. This is an interesting area of Gainesville, even though the location is just 10 minutes from The University of Florida, it has lacks the college-town vibe and is frequented often by Gainesville locals.

    There are tons of options for shopping or dining along Newberry Road for doctors and patients who frequent the North Florida Regional Medical Center. You'll find that the closest apartment options are located on SW 62nd Boulevard, a road that runs just east of The Oaks Mall. There are additional apartment options off of Tower Road, just past the I-75 ramps and along 34th Street, which runs on the West side of UF Campus. 

    Types of Apartments near North Florida Regional Medical Center

    Due to the location close to the University of Florida, there is a healthy mix of student apartments (by-the-bedroom) and conventional (leased by-the-apartment) apartment options near NFRMC. When searching for an apartment near North Florida Regional Medical Center, be sure to look out for pricing by the room vs. by the entire apartment on Swamp Rentals to find the right fit for you. All of the apartments in the area tend to offer outdoor amenities like  pools and sports courts and in-home amenities  like upgraded kitchens with granite counter tops, walk-in closets, and balconies/patios. Take a look at your options, figure out which apartment best fits your lifestyle and budget, and you'll be moving into your apartment near North Florida Regional Medical Center in no time!
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