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    Student Apartments in Gainesville, FL

    Student Apartments

    In a college town like Gainesville, there is no shortage of student apartments to choose from. Much of Gainesville's unique culture can be attributed to its deep collegiate roots. The University of Florida was founded well over 150 years ago, transforming Gainesville into a hub for education, innovation, research and art. Today, students from around the world come to Gainesville to pursue their dreams and continue their education. With such a diverse student population and two major colleges, the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, Gainesville has a lot of great student housing options. As you're searching for your new apartment, consider the things that will enhance your college experience. Whether you're looking for a luxury apartment with upgraded appliances, a pet-friendly community for you and your furry pal, or a cheap apartment with roommate matching, you're sure to find it here.    

    Best Amenities in Gainesville's Student Apartments

    Geared to accommodate the busy student lifestyle, Gainesville's off-campus student apartments offer a variety of amenities and features to make life easier and more enjoyable. The first step to comfortable, happy living is to determine if you'd prefer to live alone or with roommates. Apartments in Gainesville offer two types of leases: joint and individual. A joint lease (entire apartment) typically costs less per person and gives you complete control over who lives in the apartment. However, with this type of lease all residents are held equally responsible for the rent and upkeep of the unit. Alternatively, several of Gainesville's student apartments offer residents the option to sign an individual lease, with which you are only held accountable for your portion of the apartment. While this type of lease may cost a little more, it will put your mind at ease and provide an added level of security knowing that if your roommate doesn't pay their rent or make it through the semester you will not be liable for their monthly rent.

    Living with roommates can also be a great way to meet new people. Many student apartments offer a roommate matching service that connects individuals with similar interests and personalities. After completing a questionnaire form identifying your preferences and habits, you will be matched with roommates that have a similar outlook on things like pets, cleaning habits, smoking vs. non-smoking, and noise level. To ensure a smooth transition, it may be helpful to also discuss these key topics in person. Take a break from unpacking to get to know your student housing roommates on a more personal level. A trip to the community's pool, fitness center or dog park may provide an excellent opportunity to explore each other's interests.

    As a student, easy access to campus is especially important. Many of Gainesville's student apartments are near public transportation, with RTS routes peppered throughout the area. The bus service is complimentary to UF and SFC students with their student ID, and for added convenience buses can be tracked in real time with the RTS Gator Locator. These bus routes stop at the front of nearly every student apartment in Gainesville.

    The Off-campus Student Lifestyle

    Off-campus student apartments put a twist on the traditional college experience with added activities and amenities. Gainesville's student apartments are always cooking up fun events and mixers for their residents including pool parties, dress-up contests, movie nights and food giveaways. Here, you'll have the best of both worlds – you can easily head to campus for gamedays and events or take a quick ride into town for shopping and dining.

    Be sure to also enjoy the finer perks of off-campus living like a full kitchen, in-unit washer and dryer, and a private bathroom. With this delicious set-up you can forget about expensive meal plans, tasteless dining hall food and trips to the laundromat. To top it all off, you'll have your own private bedroom and bathroom. You can watch tv, take a nap or study without having to worry about interrupting or being interrupted. Living in an off-campus student apartment is liberating and full of opportunities, enjoy every moment!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find student apartments in Gainesville, FL?

    With the University of Florida in the heart of the city and Sante Fe college nearby, Gainesville, FL has plenty of student apartments for you to choose from. Typically, UF off campus student housing will be concentrated surrounding campus in the Midtown neighborhood. You'll find outlying students apartments will be near hot spots like Butler Plaza in the Archer Road neighborhood, close to the entertainment and dining options of Downtown, or beside Greek life in Sorority Row & South area.

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