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    Find 2 Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville, FL

    2 Bedrooms

    Making the choice to move is the first step – but how can you decide what apartment layout works best for you? One of the most popular arrangements in Gainesville is 2 bedroom apartments, which can offer the ideal balance of saving money on rent and learning to share a space with others. Whether you're looking for a roommate or some extra space, consider these options below for 2 bedroom layouts.

    Typical Layouts for 2 Bedroom Apartments

    The most common layout includes two similarly-sized bedrooms that each have a private bathroom attached. Most residents consider this the easiest setup for sharing an apartment with one or two other roommates, like a couple. Separate bathrooms add an extra layer of privacy, promoting the feeling of having a personal space within the communal apartment. If you know you need extra time in the morning to get ready or take long baths or showers, a 2 bedroom layout with private bathrooms may work best for you. A slight variation may feature one private bathroom, while the second bathroom is guest accessible and not attached directly to another bedroom. This setup may work well if you or your roommate are amenable to having a bedroom without this feature. Additionally, the benefit of guest bathrooms is that visitors can use them without disturbing others during late hours or feeling uncomfortable.

    Many residents who work from home or need extra space prefer to rent 2 bedroom apartments without any roommates. Some layouts can include a larger master bedroom with a smaller second room, ideal for an office or work room to help you separate work from home. An extra room may also be perfect for lovers of books, antiques, and other collectibles, providing an organized space for display and storage.

    Benefits of 2 Bedroom Apartments

    If you plan on renting a 2 bedroom apartment with one or two roommates, this can be a great way to transition to a new city and meet others. Apartments with roommate matching in Gainesville can help you select a compatible roommate to increase the likelihood of harmonious living arrangements. Household chores can be simplified when divided between roommates. Additionally, going out of town may be easier with a trusted roommate to look after the place and care for pets. You can find plenty of cat and dog-friendly apartments in Gainesville with 2 bedrooms. If you need some tips and ideas for how to live with a roommate, check out this Forbes article that helps you figure out how to divide space, boost storage, and boost the functionality of your kitchen.

    In general, 2 bedroom apartments are very common and easy to find in Gainesville. In fact, they often only cost a little bit more than 1 bedroom apartments. Keep in mind that the savings would be even greater if you split rent and utilities with roommates! All-inclusive apartments and furnished apartments can help you bundle your spending even further, making it simple to move in and make quickly yourself at home. 

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