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    Apartments near Sweetwater, Gainesville


    The Sweetwater Wetlands Park is a classic and serene Gainesville experience. This man-made wetland habitat offers a 3.5-mile nature trail with many boardwalks and outlooks overlooking ponds and wetlands. You'll always find students or Gainesville residents having a picnic in the park or going for a run through the wetlands.

    Apartments near the Sweetwater Wetlands offer many benefits to University of Florida students. Students love living in Sweetwater apartments in Gainesville thanks to the scenic atmosphere, great location, and comparatively lower rental rates. The Sweetwater Wetlands are located right next to many apartments in Sorority Row & South. If you're considering living in an apartment near the Sweetwater Wetlands, enjoy this list of perks that apartments in the area offer.

    Gainesville Nature outside your door in Apartments near the Sweetwater Wetlands

    When you call an apartment near the Sweetwater Wetlands home, enjoy Gainesville nature right outside your door whenever you need some fresh air. Need to get your mind off a hard exam coming up? Go take a quick walk around the Sweetwater Wetlands to distract you! Want a change of scenery when studying? Go settle in at one of the picnic tables and study surrounded by serene wetlands!

    Sweetwater apartments in Gainesville offer a serene living experience unlike any other neighborhood or area in Gainesville. Many properties in the area are located on or right next to nature preserves, creating naturally beautiful communities full of luscious trees and unique plants. Apartments near the Sweetwater Wetlands also tend to be more quiet apartments thanks to the serene atmosphere, and also thanks to the many trees that eat up any traffic noises from 13th Street. 

    Quick Bus Rides to Campus in Apartments near the Sweetwater Wetlands

    Located just 2.7 miles from the University of Florida, apartments near the Sweetwater Wetlands are about a 7-10 minute drive or a 10-20 minute bus ride to campus. Most student apartments in the area are near bus routes to UF, typically on the RTS route #13. Bus routes for Sweetwater Apartments in Gainesville are extremely convenient, as there are only a handful of student communities in the area, so it's rare that buses fill up to full capacity. These bus routes are also convenient because Sweetwater Wetlands Park is a straight shot down the road from the UF campus. Therefore, instead of bus routes in other areas of town taking multiple turns up and down busy roads in Gainesville, buses near the Sweetwater Wetlands simply take a straight shot up the road to campus! 13th Street is not a traffic-heavy road, and the speed limit here is also faster than in other areas, ensuring a quick ride to campus.

    Lower Rental Rates in Apartments near the Sweetwater Wetlands

    Sweetwater Apartments in Gainesville typically have lower rental rates compared to other neighborhoods of town. Many apartments near the Sweetwater Wetlands offer more spacious living accommodations at a lower price that are great if you're interested in roommate matching. Apartments in the area are great for students looking to follow a tight budget and rent a cheap apartment while still living in a comfortable apartment home. Lots of apartments near the Sweetwater Wetlands still offer refined finishes such as granite countertops or wood-style flooring! These rental rates are more affordable simply because of the farther distance from the UF campus, but with accessible bus routes, apartments near the Sweetwater Wetlands still offer an easy commute to campus and awesome apartment living.

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