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    Apartments Within Scooter Distance to UF Campus

    Scooter Distance to UF

    With new apartments popping up around campus with limited parking or substantial parking fees, scooters are becoming a much more common means of transportation at the University of Florida. Many students are beginning to look for apartment communities that are within scooter distance to UF's campus, and we've created this page as a tool to help you find the perfect apartments for scooter commuters.

    As they become more popular, Gainesville is starting to build with scooters in mind. Students are beginning to see a lot of new scooter and motorcycle parking being built in the area. For example, the new Publix on NW 13th Street added scooter parking spots with their new development. If you plan on owning a scooter, you might want to search for apartments within scooter distance to the University of Florida's campus. We interviewed Gainesville's scooter expert Mike, the General Manager at New Scooters for Less (NS4L) to get his best tips for owning a scooter when living in an apartment in Gainesville.

    3 Reasons to Own a Scooter if you Live in an Apartment in Gainesville

    1. You're in control of your transportation! Never worry about having to catch the bus again. Owning a scooter in Gainesville can be far more convenient than having to take the bus because you won't have to worry about how full the bus is or exactly when it gets to your stop.

    2. Parking convenience. Any student living in Gainesville knows how much of a problem parking a car can be. With a scooter, you're conveniently able to park as close as you can to your class or destination. For example, Mike says, "At the dealership, if we want to go to lunch we take scooters. However, that's not because we're a scooter shop, but because we know we won't have to drive around for 15 minutes to find a parking spot."

    3. Riding a scooter is just plain fun! Mike explains that it's the same reason people ride motorcycles, "There's just something that can be so liberating about being on the open road and people just have fun driving them."

    Tips for Parking Your Scooter on Campus

    • One of the biggest things to consider when parking your scooter on UF's campus is avoiding a ticket. The University of Florida has a lot of designated areas for scooters to park that can easily be identified by the painted arrows that you must follow. Be careful not to park against the arrows because you will risk being ticketed.

    • Scout out the nearest scooter parking. You might find a scooter parking area where not a lot of people park, but it's most convenient for where you need to go on campus. This can prevent your scooter getting knocked over, damaged or moved by other people.

    • Mike warns that right near library west is possibly worst place to park your scooter because there are so many of them packed into the parking spots. Many people end up with their scooters damaged here or getting a ticket because someone else physically moved their scooter out of a parking spot. To prevent this from happening to you, look for an area that isn't so concentrated.

    • When parking your scooter, remember that your scooter has two kick stands. The center kick stand is more stable, providing much less of a risk of the scooter getting knocked over. If your scooter gets knocked over and damaged, cosmetic repairs can cost about $100.

    #1 Tip for Parking Your Scooter at Your Apartment

    Share the spots! There might not be scooter parking, so it's always much more convenient if you find a scooter or motorcycle already parked in a spot to park your scooter next to them. If you pull all the way forward and someone else tries to park in that spot they might not see that your scooter is parked there before it is too late. However, if you're sharing a spot then your scooter is much more visible and it even opens up additional parking for everyone else.

    Top 3 Scooter Safety Tips:

    1. Stay compliant with the laws. You should wear a helmet no matter your age, but any rider under the age of 21 is required to by law.

    2. Wear eye protection. Sunglasses work great during the day and any kind of clear lenses are great at night. Rain, bugs, tires kicking up dirt or rocks can affect your vision and you don't want to be squinting while you're on the road. Keep your eyes protected.

    3. Always be a defensive driver! You might not be a defensive driver in a car, but when you're driving a scooter there isn't much between you and the road. You must be defensive, aware, and proactive in your driving. It's extremely important to keep an eye out for situations that could present a potential risk.
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