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    Apartments in Gainesville with Individual Leases

    Individual Leases

    Individual leases are popular in college towns and Gainesville is no exception. There's a huge benefit in only being responsible for your portion of the rent. If any of your roommates fails to pay his or her portion, you will not be held liable. Here are the communities around Gainesville that offer the flexibility of individual leases.

    One of the biggest decisions and items you will have to review in your apartment home search is the lease. This is the legally binding contract that lays out the rules and criteria agreed upon between the landlord or property owner and you, the tenant. During your apartment search, you'll have the opportunity to search property on by individual leases. Unlike a more traditional joint lease, an individual lease (or "by the bedroom lease") allows each roommate in the apartment to sign a separate lease in which they are responsible for the rent for their portion of the apartment (bedroom, bathroom, and their upkeep of common areas). Often, residents who are looking for apartments in Gainesville with individual leases are University of Florida or Santa Fe College students, or young professionals who are looking for company at home and to share the financial load of housing.

    Gainesville Apartment Individual Leases: Things to Consider

    While a huge part of your apartment home search will always involve careful consideration of amenities, location, rent cost, and other details, it's worth paying attention to the types of leases offered, especially if you'll be living with roommates. It's worth considering apartments that offer individual leases especially if roommates are involved. While we always want to hope for, and think the, best of people, communities that offer individual leases are really offering residents financial protection in case other residents in the apartment can't pay their portion of the rent. Perhaps a fellow roommate is financially irresponsible, or loses a job, or otherwise falls on tough times; having an individual lease protects you. An individual lease may also offer you some flexibility. While all lease agreements are different, if you did not want to live in your apartment as long as your roommates, you might be able to sign for a shorter agreement with an individual lease. Likewise, you may be permitted to sublease your individual lease (if your apartment community allows) without having to worry about roommates. Overall, individual leases provide protection and flexibility in roommate situations.

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