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    Apartments with Playgrounds


    A common misconception about apartments in Gainesville is that all of the communities are completely centered around and tailored for the student. While it is true that Gainesville is built around the colleges, the area is diverse and caters to everyone. One can find a multitude of amenities that accommodate every kind of lifestyle. Gainesville apartments with playgrounds are unique in that they provide a venue for the youth of the community to gather and get active outdoors. Many care givers would agree that having this amenity can seem like less of a feature or more like a necessity. This feature can be found in luxury apartments as well as gated apartments.

    The Perks of Apartments with Playgrounds in Gainesville

    Gainesville apartments with playgrounds offer their residents many perks that go along with having this community amenity. The day to day grind can leave anyone with little time to spare, so anything that saves you time can feel like a life saver as shaving a few minutes off here and there amounts to hours at the end of the day. Having a playground on site provides an opportunity of an outing without being "out". You can be out of the house and yet not leave home! Meeting friends and neighbors can be hard when you're busy, but Gainesville apartments with playgrounds allow children and adult residents to interact and get to one another. This creates a sense of community, which can be hard in some larger apartment communities. Additionally, other features of the community are centered around the communal playground. These features and amenities can include: BBQs, picnic areas, and dog parks. When touring Gainesville apartments with playgrounds, be sure to tour that area of the property so you can scope out the proximity between the playground and other amenities.

    Where to find Apartments with Playgrounds in Gainesville

    While Gainesville apartments with playgrounds can be located in almost every neighborhood in Gainesville, there are many areas that are more likely to offer this specialty amenity. Town of Tioga is a planned community and boasts convenience because of the Tioga Town Center, which features shops and restaurants, a premiere fitness center, numerous professional services, a state of the art pre-school, and the luxury of the neighboring 18-hole West End Golf course. Northwest Gainesville is known for quiet, tree-lined neighborhoods and a domestic atmosphere. It's home to many Santa Fe students, college professors and other local residents, and is close to a plethora of entertainment. West Gainesville extends west of the University of Florida's 34th Street border from NW 8th Avenue down to the border of Butler Plaza and all the way west to 91st Street. It is filled with residential neighborhoods, apartment communities, shopping centers and restaurants. Gainesville apartments with playgrounds are scattered throughout the city, but the neighborhoods that have been mentioned here have a higher concentration of this community feature. Use our search tools to find Gainesville apartments with playgrounds in your desired neighborhood.

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