Apartments near the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida

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    Apartments near the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida

    Warrington College of Business

    Looking for an apartment close to the UF Warrington College of Business? We're here to help you invest your time wisely as you look for an apartment home that meets the same standard of excellence as the UF business school.

    Considered one of the top business schools in the nation, the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida is located near the heart of campus at the corner of NW 13th Street and W University Ave. Whether you're an undergraduate business major or MBA student, you'll have plenty of options to choose from all within a five-minute drive.

    Amenities to Look for in an Apartment Near the UF Warrington College of Business

      • Wallet-Friendly Amenities: You'll feel especially business savvy when you take advantage of amenities that help you cut costs. You can easily cut expenses by looking for apartments with all-inclusive options that bundle your monthly bills into one payment. It's also wise to take advantage of the gorgeous and comprehensive amenities your apartment community has to offer like fitness centers and spa-like pools. You can save on gym memberships and other costly pampering services. And, don't forget, many apartments near the college of business are within walking distance to campus and other attractions so save gas and wear and tear on your vehicle and get some exercise by walking!

      • Get An "LLC": No, we don't mean you need to go out and start a company just yet! Rather, it's our way of saying "Live Life with Companions" - also known as, roommates! This is a fantastic way to make lifelong friends, and cut costs. Put those business leadership skills to use as a group and come up with a plan. You can have some fun creating a house budget, responsibilities, and other creative ideas. Many of the apartments surrounding the Warrington College of Business offer roommate matching if you need help finding some compatible companions. Additionally, look for opportunities to share an apartment with roommates. You can split the cost of the apartment, or better yet, find options (you can easily filter for this on our site) for individual leases. This way, you can have confidence that you're responsible for only your portion of the rent, and your roommates are responsible for theirs.

      • Kitchen Space and Fun Common Areas: Nights in can be next level. It's near standard for apartments near the UF College of Business to have roomy kitchens and cavernous community common areas. Rather than spend a ton going out to eat or to the hottest nightspot, you can make some amazing memories unwinding right at home. When it's time to close the books and kick back, plan a meal with friends and stay in to cook or catch the game on one of the big clubhouse TVs.
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