Apartments with Short-Term Leases in Gainesville, FL

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    Apartments with Short-Term Leases in Gainesville, FL

    Short-Term LeasesAre you visiting Gainesville for an short period of time and in search of a short term lease? Short term leases are really popular with Gainesville renters because so many people visit the town for studies at UF Health or The University of Florida. Some apartments in Gainesville offer leases as short as 1 or 3 months, and many have options for 6 month leases. All of the apartments options on this page have indicated that they offer leases shorter than 12 months, but you'll have to give them a call to ask about availability of short term leases and any short term lease premiums!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a short term apartment lease in Gainesville?

    Typically, a short term lease lasts six months or less. You can find apartment homes that offer leases for 1, 3, 6, and 9 months or even month to month options. Short term leases are great if you know you are going to need to relocate within a year either for work or if you're simply looking to consider a community before moving more permanently. 

    Why do short term leases in Gainesville cost more?

    There are costs associated with turning an apartment for a new renter, as most apartment units must be cleaned, painted, and steam cleaned to get the space ready for the next happy resident. The typical lease term for apartments in Gainesville is 12 months, and apartment communities account for apartment turn costs in the monthly rate. If you plan to rent your apartment for less than 12-months, the cost to prepare your apartment for the next resident and remarket the apartment must be incorporated into the cost of rent. Short term premiums will differ depending on which apartment community you choose, current availability, and the lease length you select. Be sure to ask the leasing agent about short term premiums if you are looking for a shorter apartment stay.

    The Gainesville apartment I want has no short term leases available. Why is that?

    Apartment communities are typically capped for the number of short term leases they are allowed to offer. At certain times of the year, they may be more likely to have shorter leases available. For example, a lot of renters have lease end dates in May since the summer is a popular time to move as students (both in primary and secondary education) are out of school for the summer. This could make it easier to find a short term lease starting in May or June. Our tip for you is to be patient, and call a few apartment communities to ask their availability for short term leases.

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