Apartments with Patios and Balconies

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    Apartments with Patios and Balconies

    Patios and Balconies

    If you crave fresh air, then you should be searching for Gainesville apartments with patios and balconies. This feature grants you the freedom of being inside and outside at the same time! You'll enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, but be able to move inside quickly if the weather changes, which happens often in the sunshine state. This space is an extension of your home and be so much more than some space with a couple of chairs or extra storage. This feature can be found in an affordable apartments or luxury apartments. We highly recommend apartments in Sorority Row or apartments in West Gainesville as balconies and patios are very common in these areas. Use our search tools to filter other amenities and features as well!

    Apartments in Gainesville with Patios and Balconies: Purposing your Patio or Balcony

    Gainesville apartments with patios and balconies can serve purposes. You'll need to decide that purpose before you begin decorating. Outside dining areas can become the perfect place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. A small garden can bring color and life to your patio or balcony. Fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables can be within arm's reach. If you're a book worm, you can create a sort of book nook. Additionally, your patio or balcony doesn't have to serve any purpose. This can just be an outdoor area to retreat to, especially if you live in a waterfront apartment. If you live in a an pet friendly apartment, this can be a source of hours of entertainment for your dog.

    Apartments in Gainesville with Patios and Balconies: How to Decorate your Patio and Balcony

    Depending on the purpose of your patio or balcony, delegates how you will decorate it. A small table and a couple of chairs turns your space into an outside dining or general purpose seating area. Rugs can accent or become dividers of space, separating your dining area from your garden area. If you have chosen to use your patio or balcony for gardening, the plants and flowers pretty much do the decorating for you, but additions such as mirrors and lanterns can really turn it into something extra special. If you've decided your outdoor living space will be a book nook, a small book shelf and hanging hammock created storage space and organization, while keeping it casual. This is your space so create whatever atmosphere you want, but keep in mind apartment policies about hanging and painting.

    Apartments in Gainesville with Patios and Balconies: Choosing Patio vs. Balcony

    You may be wondering, is there a difference between a patio and a balcony. If so, what are those differences? A patio is a roofless area adjoined to the house and usually employed for entertainment and dining purposes. A balcony is a small platform that protrudes from a wall of an upper apartment floor and is usually enclosed by a railing. It must be clarified that unlike the patio, balcony is not at the street level. It is notable that either style of space can be manipulated into whatever you want that space to be: garden, dining area, or book nook, the choice is yours!

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