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    Rent Apartments in Gainesville, FL Under $1,000/Month

    Under $1,000/MonthThere appears to be a sweet spot for apartments in Gainesville under $1,000. If you're looking for an apartment in Gainesville that is budget friendly and starts at $1,000, or less, you're in luck. Options are available in great locations in all neighborhoods throughout the Gainesville area, so you'll be able to more easily find an apartment that doesn't break the bank while still maintaining the flexibility to choose the area of the city you'd like to live in. You'll find that many of the apartment homes in this price range are either one bedroom apartments or apartments that offer by-the-bedroom leasing. If you require more space, you'll likely need to toggle your budget a little bit higher to gain a second bedroom or slightly more square footage. No matter the location or your current lifestyle, there are many desirable trends and amenities that are available at this price point that will wow you. Here are some of our favorite features and trends seen in apartments under $1,000 in Gainesville.

    Trends and Features in Apartments Under $1,000 in Gainesville

    Floor plans: Many apartments in Gainesville under $1,000 are by-the-bedroom or 1-bedroom apartments but there are some 2-bedroom options that are available in this price point.

    Location: Apartments under $1,000 in Gainesville are well dispersed throughout the community. You'll find the largest concentration of individual leases closest to the University of Florida campus.

    Lease Length: While the typical lease length for an apartment under $1,000 is 12 months, you can find shorter term leases here and there.

    Swimming Pools: Nearly all of the properties in this price point offer resort style swimming pools along with other gorgeous amenities packages in their communities.

    Fitness Centers: Just like with swimming pools, you'll realize additional cost savings when in addition to your rent coming in at $1,000 or less per month, you're now able to save on a gym membership because, in many instances, your apartment community provides access to a well-appointed fitness center.

    Pet-Friendly Policies: It's almost a given these days that your apartment community will offer pet friendly policies, and this is surely the case at this price point.

    Furnishings and More: Especially for floor plans that offer individual leases, you'll be excited to learn that many properties are offering furnished apartments as well as included cable, internet, and certain utilities.

    While this list highlights the most popular features for apartments under $1,000 in Gainesville, Florida, there are many more to discover. Begin your apartment search today and discover the many conveniences you can enjoy that match your needs, lifestyle, and budget.
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