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All-Inclusive Apartments

There is something great about only having to remember to pay one bill each month… at least for all your living expenses. All-inclusive apartments typically combine your rent, water, electricity, trash and cable into one convenient bill each month. Plus, think about all the time you save by not having to set-up and shop around for all these services. Even better, forget having to split the bills with your roommates. It's all done for you with these all inclusive apartments in Gainesville.

Whether you are a student or a working professional, finding all inclusive apartments in Gainesville can help you manage your living expenses! Many communities in the Gainesville area, especially near the University of Florida, offer this option. Features can include utilities and furniture, all in one monthly payment. These floorplans can range anywhere from 2 bedroom units up to 4 bedrooms or more. Is renting a Gainesville apartment with utilities included the right choice for you? It's best to do your research to find out!

Benefits of All Inclusive Apartments in Gainesville

All inclusive apartments near UF can be very beneficial for many residents. When an apartment includes certain utilities that typically means it is all inclusive. Electricity and water are the most common ones that are included. Garbage disposal, heat, sewage and pest control are other utilities that may be offered in an all-inclusive package.  You won't have to juggle multiple payments per month with this deal that communities will bundle into your rent payment. One bill, for everything? Imagine the ease and convenience! This is why all inclusive apartments in Gainesville are so attractive to all different types of residents. Anyone on a budget will especially enjoy this perk. For example, Florida during the summer months can be brutal. You may run your air conditioning more than usual. You will not be paying extra for cooling down your pad with the pre fixed price already factored into your rent amount! Ask the office if you have any questions about usage, since many communities will place a utility cap on your account each month and the all-inclusive portion may only cover up to $30-50 per roommate.

Many of these apartments are in close proximity to UF campus which means you can get to class by foot, scooter, or bus in under 15 minutes. If you're hoping to walk to class, check out this list of apartments in Midtown. If you're hoping to save a bit on rent and don't mind a 10 minute bus ride, you'll want to check out apartments on SW 20th Ave.

All Inclusive Gainesville Apartments With Furniture Options

When heavy furniture is involved in a move, it makes moving that much tougher. When an all inclusive plan includes a furniture package along with utilities, it can make the move that much easier! The options usually range from specific rooms to a fully furnished apartment. This is an attractive option for anyone moving into a random roommate situation. Potential issues can be avoided when you're sharing common room furniture that does not belong to anyone but the apartment community. Be sure to search for communities that offer fully furnished spaces along with utilities if this sounds like a great option to you.

Other Benefits of All Inclusive Apartments in Gainesville

Besides the obvious benefits of having furniture provided along with your rent or one single bill each month, all inclusive apartments near the University of Florida also offer additional perks. Typically, all inclusive leases are found in larger, by-the-bed communities. This is super handy in random roommate type situations, since each individual person is responsible for their lease only. It doesn't matter what your roommate does as long as you pay your portion. This is a very popular option in student-centered communities.

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