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    1 Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville, FL

    1 Bedroom

    No roommate? No problem! There are plenty of communities that offer one bedroom apartments in Gainesville. There are so many benefits to living by yourself such as knowing everything in the fridge is yours, being as clean or messy as you want to be and never having to share the remote. Take a look at these properties that offer one bedroom apartments and remember that you can also filter by budget, amenities and well, just about anything else.

    Perks of One Bedroom Gainesville Apartments

    One of the most obvious perks to one bedroom apartments in Gainesville is your sense of freedom. Whether you are a student or a professional, living the solo life is a huge draw for many. Being able to decorate however you want, cook whatever you want, stay up as late as you want…the list goes on! Maybe you enjoy jamming out to your favorite band on the weekends. When you live in Gainesville one bedroom apartments, this is no issue without a roommate! Maybe you are a graduate student who is looking to focus on studying. Not having the distractions of another person living in the apartment can make it a very favorable place for you to focus on your studies. For many residents, not having to rely on another person to make the rent payment or perform simple tasks like unloading the dishwasher is reason enough to live alone.

    Apartments with one bedroom in Gainesville can also be great for families and couples. Some residents may choose to go this route if they are on a budget and trying to save money by renting a cheap apartment. A lot of communities offer one bedrooms that have plenty of space for more than one person. If your household does not have many items like furniture or other items, a one bedroom may be just the perfect space for you. Of course, you can always search for fully furnished units, so you will not have to worry about moving any heavy furniture that may not fit into your new home.

    Trade-Offs in One Bedroom Apartments

    Keep in mind, if you decide to go the Gainesville one bedroom apartment route, you may have to deal with some trade-offs. First, if you are renting the place all by yourself, your costs will be higher than if you lived with a roommate. You will not have another person helping with the rent or utilities. If your sense of freedom is more important than saving some extra dollars, then by all means, do it! Second, if you are living with a significant other or family member in a one bedroom, be aware that space may be tight. If you do not mind getting cozy with the one you love and swear to not fight over precious closet space, then a one bedroom may be the perfect size for you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I find a cheap 1 bedroom apartments in Gainesville?

    We suggest starting your search as early as 6 months before your expected move-in date. This will allow for plenty of time to get familiar with the Gainesville apartment market, decide which neighborhood is your favorite, and learn the average price of a 1 bedroom apartment that fits your lifestyle and needs. This research will ensure you're confident you are getting the best deal when your apartment hunt gets to the final stages about 30-60 days before move-in.

    What appliances are included in 1 bedroom apartments?

    You can expect to find an appliance package that includes a refrigerator and an oven with range in 1 bedroom apartments across Gainesville. Quite a few apartments will also include extras like a microwave and/or dishwasher, and some even include a washer and dryer included in your monthly rent. Every apartment will vary on their appliance packages, so don't forget to ask the leasing team what is included in the apartment.

    How many people can live in a 1 bedroom Gainesville apartment?

    It's common for apartments to use the analogy, "two heartbeats per bedroom." With this rule of thumb, you should plan for no more than 2 people to live in a 1 bedroom apartment.

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