How do I make the most out of my small Gainesville apartment?

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Keep your Trails kitchen organized with storage hacks to make the most of your space.

Apartment living around UF isn't known for its spaciousness, especially those close to campus. When you're unpacking your stuff and seeing the boxes stack up, it can feel overwhelming. But don't worry, someone's already cracked the code on maximizing tiny spaces.

Compact Gainesville Bedrooms

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need pint-sized furniture for a small bedroom. Lots of small pieces can clutter things up. Opt for a few key pieces like a space-saving bedframe with storage underneath, a stylish nightstand, and a tall chest of drawers. Look for items you can store stuff in or on top of to make the most of your space. It's about making your studio UF apartment feel spacious even if it's cozy.

Cozy Bathrooms

Even if your bathroom feels more like a closet, there are ways to make it work. Use your toiletries as decor by storing them in mason jars. If counter space is scarce, consider getting a shelving caddy for extra storage between the toilet and sink or in a corner. It's all about making the most of what you've got.

Intimate Living Rooms

Small living rooms can still feel open with the right setup. Opt for a few multipurpose pieces of furniture like a couch with storage underneath or a pullout bed for guests. Consider an ottoman with hidden storage to keep things tidy. And swap out bulky lamps for taller, slimmer ones in the corners to free up space.

Compact Kitchens

Tiny kitchens can be a challenge, especially with roommates. Get creative with storage solutions like pretty vases for utensils and hooks for towels and measuring cups. Keeping things organized is key in maximizing your kitchen's potential.

Petite Closets

Closet space is precious. Hang shoe organizers to free up floor space and use small baskets for organizing accessories like scarves and belts. Labeling shelves helps keep things tidy without taking up extra room.

Don't let a small UF apartment cramp your style. With some savvy decorating and storage tricks, you can make any space feel bigger and more comfortable. And don't forget the oldest trick in the book: Mirrors can work wonders for opening up a room!

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