Swamp Rentals FAQs

What are my Cable TV options when I move into a Gainesville apartment?

A lot of students and new residents moving to Gainesville ask this question. Chances are, if you live in a Gainesville apartment, Cox Communications is providing your TV and high speed Internet. There are a few apartments that use satellite providers for TV and several more that use the City of Gainesville’s utility company, GRU, to provide Internet, but Cox has the lion’s share of the market. The good news is that student and adult apartment renters give Cox rave reviews. Their TV is known to be reliable – there is nothing worse than getting caught in your apartment during a rain storm without TV! Their high speed internet is known to be incredibly fast. Ask the renters at Royal Village apartments in Gainesville. They know what it was like before Cox came to their apartment and how much faster their Internet is now that the apartment management had Cox installed. Swamp Rentals recently posted a link to Cox TV's Gainesville channel line up so that renters can find out what channels are available in their apartments.