Flying In and Out of Gainesville Regional Airport

Gainesville Airport

Flying Into Gainesville.

If you're flying to Gainesville, flying into Gainesville Regional Airport (GNV) is – hands down – the most convenient way to get here. The airport is currently serviced by Delta through Atlanta, U.S. Airways through Charlotte, and American through Miami. Combined, this gives travelers over 1,000 world-wide destinations to choose from.

Some will argue that flying into Jacksonville, Orlando, or Tampa is cheaper than flying directly into Gainesville Regional Airport. In certain cases, they're correct. But before you book your ticket, make sure to add up the extra gas, mileage, airport transportation, and parking costs. Also, don't forget to place a value on your time. If airline ticket prices and airfare deals are important to you, we recommend that you sign up for the Gainesville Regional Airport's Low Fare Alert. Feel free to visit their website:

Ground Transportation from Gainesville Regional Airport.

There are a number of ground transportation options avaible when flying into Gainesville Regional Airport including taxi service and rental cars. For a complete listing and contact numbers refer to the Gainesville Regional Airport Ground Transportation page.

For the record, the Swamp Rentals staff was not paid for this glowing endorsement of the Gainesville Regional Airport. But we have done a fair amount of travelling. There is nothing worse than arriving into Orlando on a late night flight and then having to to drive two hours to Gainesville. Arriving at midnight, waiting thirty minutes for your bags, then driving the two hours is not only a huge hassle, it's downright dangerous.

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