Why live in Gainesville apartments instead of a house?

Is it better to live in Gainesville apartments or a house? Many people ask themselves this question, especially if they are college students. There just seems to be something so appealing about a house, especially in Gainesville. After all, you can get a house for a much cheaper price behind midtown than an apartment right?

Let me be the first to dispel that illusion by telling you that it won't be cheaper. Sure the rent may seem better than any of the Gainesville apartments behind midtown, but you will lose your money in lots of other ways. For example, you may be forgetting about utilities.

Utilities don't come included in houses like they do in many apartments in Gainesville. The worst part about this is many of these houses that are being rented out to college students are very old. Old houses are not like Gainesville apartments, which are kept up to standards. They have most likely been sitting for forty or more years, as many landlords do not have issues renting them out because so many college students are willing to pay.

This means you will run into many problems, such as bad wiring which will cause all of your devices to use way more power than they normally would. Plumbing is also a regular issue, with leaks or drainage problems being billed directly to you. Many of these old houses also use gas, which may not be very expensive, but can be extremely dangerous. Gainesville apartments sound better yet?

The temperature of your house is also going to cost you a lot of money. Many of these old houses have lots of holes to the outside, as they aren't sealed in like apartments in Gainesville. This means that any cool air or hot air you turn on will leak outside, meaning you will have to run your air conditioning longer which will cost you more. Many houses also don't have central air conditioning, meaning you will have to get your cool air from an AC unit and your heat from space heaters.

These holes will also bring other problems that you wouldn't experience living in Gainesville apartments. Holes to the outside are doors for all sorts of bugs to enter your home. Expect to see a lot of cockroaches, spiders, ants, and even termites in your house. This problem only becomes worse if you have a bad habit of not cleaning up your mess.

Speaking of making a mess, let's be honest in saying that the reason most people rent houses instead of Gainesville apartments is to throw parties. While parties can be fun, you will most definitely spend most of the time in your house just living there. Parties make a huge mess, and that will only attract even more bugs. So, understand that you will be living in a very dirty environment most of the time if partying is your main goal in all of this.

I could go on and on about the problems, you will face living in a house, but I really don't need to. A house is going to cost you the same as living in one of the luxurious Gainesville apartments, but without any of the luxury. Your house will be old, and you will have many problems. I know from personal experience.

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