Where are the best places to study in Gainesville?

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If you are a student in Gainesville, than living in an apartment near a study location in paramount. Luckily, many apartments are only moments away from the best study spots in town. Allow me to preface all my suggested study spots with this: figure out your studying style. This important, not only for your success as a college student, but also for your overall comfort and stress level. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting in a coffee shop, wishing the barista would stop talking so loudly about her relationship issues. If you know you need absolute, silence to get anything done than go somewhere that noise will be at a minimal and modest level. If you are the kind of student that works best in groups or with a bit of background noise than the 11th floor of the library may not be your scene. Luckily, you'll find a vast variety of study locations that are perfect to your learn on!

The first, and most obvious, location to study is the library. The University of Florida has 12 libraries scattered all over campus. These libraries all operate on and “elevated volume control system”. This means that as one goes up in floors, the volume that is acceptable goes down. This is great for every kind of studier. The first few floors are meant for group studying where talking and interaction is a must. Or, if you like to study with friends and enjoy frequent chat breaks these floors are best for you. On middle floors you are expected go to whisper voices. So, if you need mostly white noise, but need to speak with your study partner, then it is not breaking any library rules. The top floors are for those of you who can't get any studying done if there is the slightest, most subtle distraction. If you need a caffeine pick- me –up than there are spots to buy coffee and energy drinks. So, all your studying bases are covered in the University of Florida libraries. If you are a Santa Fe Community College student, than the Lawrence W. Tyree Library is a great studying spot for you. There are rooms that can be reserved for group study sessions. This library also operates on a elevated control system. So, any leaner has the ideal atmosphere to study. Another amenity that is offered in the Santa Fe library is an on- site Starbucks that also offers hot meals. This is good if you are having an all day cram session and need brain fuel. Plenty of apartments are so close to these libraries you can walk!

If you can't stand the thought of being on campus one moment longer, than there are plenty of coffee shops to chose from. Maybe you art functional if you don't have your skinny vanilla say latte? If so, there are over 15 Starbucks shops littered throughout the greater Gainesville area. So, no matter which apartment you pick you are always within walking or driving distance from your closest local Starbucks. If you want something a little more off the beaten path, then head downtown and hit up Maude's Classic Café. This beatnik atmosphere is absolutely conducive to studying, not to mention a wide variety of delicious homemade pastries, tasty sandwiches, and coffee that infiltrates your nostrils as soon as you step through the door. Either venue you chose is sure to be a great place to retreat to, to study.

No matter what your learning style is, most apartments in Gainesville are only moments away from the perfect place for you get a productive study session in!


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