Get to know…Tioga & Haile


Here are a few other areas around Gainesville, FL not covered in our other neighborhood guides.

Town of Tioga

The Town of Tioga and the Tioga Town Center are a few miles west of Gainesville on Newberry Road. It's a relatively new, planned development that is designed to create a "front porch" neighborhood feel. There are completed homes for sale, as well as homes under construction, condos and apartments. This is a decidedly family atmosphere, with really quaint houses, landscaping and some restaurants and stores. The Tioga Town Center has an urban feel with apartments located above an array of high-end shopping and dining.

Tioga is about a 10 minute drive from Gainesville, but it's close to restaurants, grocery stores and some shopping, so you won't be isolated. And since it is carefully planned and developed, twenty percent of the town is reserved for parks and landscaping.

Photos from around Tioga and Haile

(Clockwise from top left) Haile Village Center Sign, Shops, Haile Plantation Publix Sign, Gazebo, Outdoor Seating, Fountain.

Haile Plantation

Haile, in the southwest corner of town, contains multiple neighborhoods, roundabouts, cul de sacs and stores. You can find homes, townhouses, apartments and condos. The Haile Village Center is designed to accommodate walking and a sense of community, and there are plenty of places to eat, hang out and shop. It's about 10 minutes from campus and 15 minutes from downtown.

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