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Alex Wills

Whether it's running 100 miles a week or driving across the country, Alex is no stranger to being out of his element. A graduate of the University of Florida and self-described gym rat, Alex does anything he can to have the most diverse experiences in life.

Alex is passionate about being the best digital marketer he can be and has done marketing consulting for brands such as Linkin Park, Paramore and even the Australian Government. Just this past year, he made the big move to the Land of Milk and Honey. Where "college rental prices" don't exist and $10 cocktails are considered Happy Hour.

Don't let Alex's Los Angeles residence fool you - He knows apartment living all too well. He's moved over ten times in the past five years to three different states. Growing up near UCF, he got to see apartments come and go. He saw what ticks and what sticks. It doesn't hurt that he has a parent in the apartment management industry as well.

"When I look at a place to live I look at the intangibles. The unit can be nice but will I be comfortable parking my car there? Are roommate matching services top notch? Do I feel comfortable that I'll get my deposit back in a timely fashion? You can find any place with four walls but it takes a REAL job by managers to bring that homely feel."