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Anna Pawlusiak

Anna moved to Florida when she was seven years old. It was a big change moving from Michigan, but she embraced it and grew to love the sunshine state. She was homeschooled through middle school and high school, so when it was time to go to college, it was a large change for her. Yet she embraced that too and was excited to start her journey at the University of South Florida.

Anna is currently studying Mass Communications with minors in Professional and Technical Communications and Classics. Through her time as a USF student, she has been able to have her eyes opened to local and global trends concerning technology and writing. She chose her major and minors so she could become a jack of all trades, knowing how to write in several forms and use technology to supplement her skills. 

What she loves about the college living options available at USF is the variety available to students from all walks of life. She lives in an apartment next to the Tampa campus and has many friends who live in the apartments and dorms on campus too. What she likes most about her apartment is the helpful and kind staff, the gym and game rooms, as well as the many small study rooms available around the property.

When not preoccupied with her classes, Anna likes to read science fiction novels, write books in that same genre, and hang out with her friends at the USF library and the coffee and tea shop Felicitous. She hopes to publish a book by the end of her senior year and dreams of becoming a bestselling author. In the meantime, she is feverishly writing her story at 1 a.m. in her cozy apartment, glad that she has such an amazing place to live and work.