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Audrey Waid

Audrey Waid is a wildly optimistic human with a deep love for writing and psychology. To her, nothing says sit and stay awhile like an espresso and good conversation. She's passionate about reading, creating, and flying to new places that land her face to face with different cultures. Her curiosity and love for both creativity and strategy landed her at the University of Florida where she studies advertising, the perfect blend of her interests and talents. She is working toward a career in copywriting and loves the creativity it inspires within her.  

She is a copywriting intern at Studio 2058, a student-run advertising agency at the University of Florida, as well as a FOX Sports U copywriter, where she recently won a campaign pitch competition advocating for sustainability surrounding the 2020 Super Bowl LIV.  When she's not writing or scouring LinkedIn, Audrey can be found at the beach hiding from sunburn with her nose in a book or looking for trails to hike with her pup Charlie. Her top tip for pet parents in Gainesville, especially those with energetic pups like hers, is to find an apartment with great walking trails close by.

Her travels have taken her around the globe from Southeast Asia to New Zealand, but Audrey finds that traveling nourishes within her an appreciation for home. Her favorite part about Gainesville, her interim home, is the accessibility to nature and the abundance of coffee shops – perfect for escaping campus on rainy days and feeding her addiction to caffeine. A west coast transplant, Audrey is no stranger to moving. She looks forward to sharing her love of this beautiful city with the world, which she's gotten to know well over the past three years.