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Local Expert

Teresa Martinez

Aside from doctoring her DVR to make sure that E!News and the Fashion Police have recorded, Teresa enjoys exploring Florida's local outlets and hidden gems. Having an interest in thrifting and vintage décor, Teresa has spent her time discovering various neighborhoods, communities, and absorbing the surrounding culture that makes each city uniquely rich.

A native of Louisiana, Teresa grew up in Tampa and attended the University of South Florida.  Moving nearly twice a year throughout her undergraduate degree, Teresa almost seemed to be forced to move during the most stressful times of the year--the holiday season, when ease and convenience matter most.

From poor property management, management changes, broken air conditions, and non-existent parking spaces, Teresa has discovered the importance of comfort in a new home. It is her turbulent experiences in moving that have enabled her to become a local expert blogger.

"As a very analytical person, I need to make sure that every decision I make is justifiably sound. Through my reviews, I am committed to sharing every detailed element and aspect of each apartment community to help others gain a reflective perception of what each apartment has to offer. That way, they can find comfort in knowing that they made the right decision.