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Tranelle Maner

A resident pop culture expert, Tranelle Maner is a devoted fan of lifestyle podcasts, social media influencers, and arts and culture. She developed these passions at a young age, which led to her enrollment in the University of Florida's College of Journalism. Before setting out into the world post-graduation, she hopes to leave her mark in Gainesville, connecting the beautiful city she now calls home with the flourishing UF campus. Tranelle currently serves as an arts and culture writer for the Independent Florida Alligator, a local Gainesville paper, and as an editor-in-chief for Zion Magazine. She also cohosts the "Avenue Roundup" podcast, which focuses on interesting or controversial national headlines, and serves as a guest speaker on Gainesville's hip-hop show, "The Frequency".

When Tranelle's not writing or researching new social media trends, you'll likely find her at a coffee shop enjoying a freshly roasted cup of joe while diving into a new podcast, article, or tv show. As a Florida native from Lakeland, she also enjoys finding new and interesting nature spots around the Sunshine State. Tranelle appreciates Gainesville's unique mixture of rural and city life with both a relaxing, quiet atmosphere and a plethora of local entertainment. Moving to Gainesville for school, she understands how the thought of relocating to a new area can be overwhelming. She's excited to share some of the tips and tricks she's learned over the past 3 years as a Gainesville resident, as well as some exciting local gems she's come across. After all, this charming city is home to a variety of entertainment, outdoorsy fun, sporting events, history, and beautiful art.