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Roommates Outside of Woodlands Gainesville Apartment

As an international student moving to a Gainesville apartment, this is a very exciting time. There are plenty of educational opportunities at UF and of course lots of social opportunities as well. But as an international student in need of housing, taking some time to answer the following questions BEFORE searching for an apartment in Gainesville will save you a lot of future headaches:


Determine what type of an apartment you will want. If you are traveling quite a distance, you may want to think about a furnished Gainesville apartment so you don't have worry about providing large pieces of furniture.


Do you want roommates or would you rather rent an apartment by yourself? Many students new to the area and to the culture find that living around other people helps to make the transition a little easier. Read our article Gainesville Apartment Rommates for tips on finding a good roommate.


Where in Gainesville do you want to live? If you are unfamiliar with the area, it may help to find an apartment as close to the UF campus as possible. Use our helpful Gainesville Apartment Neighborhood guide to get a feel for the area.


See our apartment vocabulary page for help with terms and abbreviations you are likely to encounter when searching for your apartment.


Need to make a quick trip into Gainesville to look for apartments? If you are travelling long distances be sure to take a look at everything Gainesville Regional Airport has to offer. They offer mutliple ground transportation options if you are flying in and do not have a car to look at apartments in Gainesville (and other stuff you might need to do). Find out more about Gainesville Regional Airport.


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