Co-Signers & Parental Guarantees for UF Students

Do you have steady income? Have you established a solid credit history? Chances are, if you're a student renting a Gainesville apartment or recent to the workforce, the answer is no.

gainesville apartment office staff

When you enter into a rental agreement with an apartment complex, you are promising that you will be able to pay your lease in full. In order to cover all its bases, the complex has to verify that you will be able to keep your end of the agreement. Without a steady, full-time job, it might be tough to make rent every month. This is where your parents or a co-signer comes in. A guarantor assures the landlord that if you are unable to make your rent, you have someone that can cover the cost.

There are tons of apartment options in Gainesville that will allow you to have a parental guarantor, so long as this person meets their credit and income requirements. Every apartment has different requirements, so you'll need to ask good questions and have your guarantor apply for approval during your lease signing process. 

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