This is my first time applying to my own apartment. Do I need a co-signer or can I apply by myself?

It's a little nerve racking moving away for college or work. New city, completely different people and new things to do…it can be overwhelming. Finding your first apartment can be rough, too. Especially when you're not familiar with the area. With SwampRentals, we definitely have the tools to help you find your first apartment in Gainesville that fits your needs and wants.

Use our neighborhood guides, apartment reviews and our innovative search tools that help you narrow down your options. You can adjust the rent you want to spend each month with the “Rent Per Month” selector. Looking for specific amenities like a pool or a business center or alarm systems? SwampRentals has filters for community amenities and apartment features so that you can choose what you're looking for in your first apartment. Gainesville apartments give you a lot of options to choose from. Live in Gainesville apartments near UF and UF Health or apartments near Sante Fe College. You can find all-inclusive apartments and corporate units. The options to live where and what style is up to you. We just make it easy!

Personally, it's always great to at least narrow down your list of possible places to live to about 2 to 3 different places. That way you don't have to settle with one and feel any sort of regret if you only tour one place and sign with them. Touring up to 3 places is definitely better than touring 18 and much easier to help you select your number one. As long as you don't sign any leases, you're able to apply to an apartment to see if you're approved but sometimes that requires a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who is most likely related to you that can help you apply for an apartment and guarantee that you'll pay rent every month. Be mindful of who it is though – if you end up signing the lease and you're late on rent one month, you're at risk of lowering their credit score.

Some places won't require a guarantor if you already make 2 to 3x the monthly rent. And in that case, you have no worries. If you're a student, make a decent amount of money each month and get additional financial help from school, you're set—but having a guarantor might still be your best option.

There are over 75 different kinds of apartments in Gainesville. With our help you're able to find the right first apartment for you and your needs. So let's get started!

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