How is the parking situation in and around Gainesville? Will there be ample parking at my Gainesville apartment?

Every Gainesville apartment offers at minimum some kind of parking for its residents. Most have large parking lots to accommodate all of the residents. Some places have open parking, where people can park wherever they like. This is easy and convenient, although sometimes parking may get filled up, especially on game days. However, some Gainesville apartments have guaranteed parking spots and reserved parking. This means guests have to use the guest spots, or risk getting their car towed, which is pretty chancy with all the roam towing in Gainesville. Be sure to tell your friends that when they come over to your Gainesville apartment! Many Gainesville apartments also have street parking available, on a first-come first-serve basis. When parking around Gainesville, make sure you are parked in the correct spot and make sure you read any and all signs regarding towing. With such a premium on parking in many campus areas, it can be very easy to get ticketed, booted, or towed!

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