My parents won’t let me bring my car to college for my freshman year. How is the public transportation system in Gainesville? Will it be convenient for my Gainesville apartment?

Gainesville actually has a great public transportation, especially for students. UF and Santa Fe students can participate for free in Gainesville's Regional Transport System, or RTS. RTS has a great interactive website showing the routes and current locations and schedules of its many buses around Gainesville. Most Gainesville apartments are frequently serviced by RTS, with busses coming and going every 15 minutes, 10 minutes, or even less time. Gainesville's Regional Transport System is a great option for those living in Gainesville apartments and can take them all over Gainesville – to UF or Santa Fe's campus, to the Oaks Mall, and to many other places. Park and ride shuttles are also very popular for students. Students who wish to drive can drive to UF's campus commuter lot, and then take the free University busses from there to get to different parts of campus throughout their school day. 

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