What if there are discrepancies between what I saw on my tour of the model and what I get when I move in?

If you decide to visit a community and take a tour of a model, chances are you will see a beautifully decorated, spotless place. Remember that these communities spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars decorating these models to look perfect for prospective residents. In your lease you probably will find a paragraph about the condition of the apartment you will receive. It might say something about the fact that it was cleaned but that there may be normal wear and tear.

Unfortunately since most renters sign their leases months in advanced, you will not know what your room looks like until you move. Be sure to fill out your move in condition form, take photographs, and submit any and all documents to the leasing office regarding the condition of your place when you move in. If you are not satisfied with the Gainesville apartment you were assigned to, let the leasing office know as soon as possible so they can try to rectify the situation before you unpack.

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