Are moving trucks allowed in the community and how long can they be there for?

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The Wynwood
The Wynwood has plenty of parking surrounding their buildings and the apartments come furnished - making moving day a breeze!

Great question! Many students move to Gainesville from all parts of Florida and even out of state. Sometimes a moving truck is necessary to transport all of your belongings and the management does realize this. Remember that if you have a moving truck and you are moving in at the beginning of the semester, there will be many others residents in your same shoes. They may have moving trucks and if the parking lots are small you may have to wait your turn. Also remember that moving trucks are big and if you are blocking someone in their parking spot, you may have to move the truck a few times to let people through. If for some reason your moving truck will be there overnight, let the management know ahead of time so if there are special permission needs it is taken care of before a problem arises.

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