What are some tips for keeping plants in my Gainesville apartment?

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Some people bring their dogs to their pet-friendly Gainesville apartment. Some bring their service animals or emotional support animals. If you have a green thumb, you may be considering bringing your plants to apartments in Gainesville. Plants may not be able to purr or cuddle, but it can be rewarding to care for them all the same. Keeping plants in your apartment not only makes it feel homier, but it also provides fresh air and a touch of nature to get you through your day. This article will give you all the tips you need to take care of your plants in Gainesville apartments.

Season and weather

When you're getting a plant, it's important to know whether it's perennial or annual. Annual plants live for only one growing season before dying off, while perennial plants regrow every spring. In other words, both kinds of plants will look like they're wilting in the winter, but perennial plants will come back while annual plants will need to be replanted every year. This is important to know when you're planting your plant so that you don't accidentally throw out a plant that's just hibernating, and so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing what plant to grow is the weather. Florida has a very hot climate, and from the fact that the University of Florida is sometimes called the "Swamp", it should be no surprise that it's also very humid. This means tropical and subtropical plants will do the best in Florida's climate, while more arid plants are unlikely to thrive. Although if you're planning on keeping your plant indoors, you'll have more control over temperature and humidity regulation, so you may have more options.

Where to keep your plant in your Gainesville apartment

The type of plant you're growing also determines the best place to keep it. If your plant needs a lot of sun, you can keep it on the patio or balcony to make sure it gets plenty of light. This is also convenient because it prevents dirt and bugs from getting inside your home. On the other hand, keeping your plant indoors on a windowsill may be the better option if your plant requires some shade, or during the winter months when frost is likely to damage your plant.

And of course, aesthetics is an important factor as well. Large ferns can be kept on the floor in the corners of rooms, while small, cute succulents look good on kitchen or private bathroom window sills. Your plants can be customized by decorating their pots, either by painting them, bedazzling them, or leaving them a solid color for a more modern feel. This is where you can really get creative and make your plant your own.

Plant care

Plants may not need to be taken out on walks, but some people still find it difficult to keep a plant alive. The key is moderation. Consider doing some research to find out what level of sunlight your specific plant prefers, and how often it needs to be watered. To keep yourself on track, consider getting a calendar to schedule which days your plant needs to be watered. Overwatering can kill just as easily as drought! You can also increase your plant's chances of success by bringing them inside in the winter to protect it from a freeze.

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