What resources does Swamp Rentals offer for parents of University of Florida students?

College is a big step for both students and parents. With so many big decisions to make, preparing to move your Gator to Gainesville can feel overwhelming and stressful. Here at Swamp Rentals, we want to help you feel as prepared as possible to send your college student off to school. We have put together several resources to help guide you through these different decisions. 

The University of Florida Parent Guide

We put together a parent guide with all our best advice and tips on adjusting to the "The Swamp." The guide is divided into sections to help lead you through different situations as your child plans their move to Gainesville and gets settled. We cover topics like choosing housing for your Gator, moving your Gator in, exploring Gainesville, and essential things parents need to know about their students starting school at UF. 

Articles include "10 Reasons to Live Off-Campus", "UF Cost of Living Guide", "Finding a Roommate" and so much more. This parent guide is your one-stop shop to learn everything you and your new Gator need to know and ease any nerves.

The Best Deals for Apartments in Gainesville

Here at Swamp Rentals, we want to help you find the best bang for your buck when securing your Gator's future home. Many Gainesville apartments offer weekly specials, such as waived fees or money off the first month's rent. Specials are always changing, so we work closely with onsite leasing teams to keep our apartment deals page up to date.

When considering different apartment options, check out our deals page to see what specials to take advantage of around town. We even allow you to search for deals within your preferred floorplan and budget to narrow down your search perfectly!

Robust Search Filters on Apartments For Rent

No one offers more filters for finding a Gainesville apartment that matches your lifestyle than Swamp Rentals. We don't want to "upsell" you into an apartment that's out of your price range; we want to help you find an apartment that checks off your wish list and your budget. Our Apartment Showcase page allows you and your Gator to filter down your apartment search with not only your floorplan and budget but also your specific needs and preferences.

Swamp Rentals allows you to search by prices by the apartment or by the room. Apartments listed by the room further allow you to indicate if your Gator has any roommates in mind or if they're interested in roommate matching.

We include filters on the different neighborhoods of Gainesville, furnished options, appliances included, utilities included, amenity offerings, and so much more. We even include a green efforts filter where you can narrow down your apartment search to only the communities that offer things like recycling or low-energy lighting! We are here to help find your Gator their perfect fit.

Neighborhood Guides

If your family isn't local to Gainesville and is feeling lost about the different areas of town, we got your back! Our team knows The University of Florida and Gainesville like the back of our hand; the Swamp Rentals team is made up of UF alum and current UF students. We divide Gainesville into the 7 neighborhoods that surround The University of Florida: Archer Road, Downtown, Midtown, Northwest, Sorority Row & South, Tioga & Haile, and West Gainesville.

Check out our neighborhood guide videos to get all the information you need on the different parts of Gainesville and what they have to offer. Our neighborhood guides highlight the pros and cons of each area, including different fun things for your Gator to do in the area or how heavy traffic is from that part of town to the UF campus. Once you and your Gator narrow your search down to a neighborhood or two, you can filter your search to be only in that neighborhood.
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