I have enrolled at UF but am not sure I want to stay a year. Can I find a short lease?

Huge open-concept living areas in all floor plans. See More From:
Oakbrook Walk
Oakbrook comes furnished and offers short term and long term leases.

The University of Florida is ranked 17th overall amongst the top public Universities in the Nation. Having the second larges student population and the seventh largest campus among the fifty states, means there is plenty of Student housing to accommodate to all of its University students! When looking for a Gainesville start with looking for shorter leases, ones that can be month to month or a six-month lease. Keep in mind that shorter leases may be more expensive in comparison to longer yearly leases. However, this does not mean that flexible leases will not be available. In actuality, nine-month leases known as “semester leases” are quite common these days. Start by using our easy search tools to find what you are looking for! Start with the lease length option. Here, you can select the amount of time you would like to be tied into a community. Once you have selected this, a list of available places will appear. You can then filter out your selecting by choosing other preferences you may have such as pet friendly properties or neighborhoods you’d like to live in.

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